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Have you been brushing your teeth regularly? By saying regularly, I mean brushing your teeth at least twice daily and whenever necessary. It is recommended that you brush your teeth after all your meals to remove the food particles stuck in between them. This also helps keep your mouth fresh and removes any unpleasant smell from your mouth.

For good oral hygiene, the choice of your toothpaste matters. The right toothpaste should contain properties that not only protects your teeth from cavity build-up caused by food residue, it should also remove teeth stains and foul breath. It largely depends on your lifestyle needs. E.g- Sensitive gums, teeth whitening or teeth strengthening purposes.

About GumAlive

GumAlive is the leading breath freshening toothpaste that is recommended by dentists worldwide.

This toothpaste is made from therapeutic properties of natural ingredients with the extraction of pure essential oils that will take care of your overall oral health.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that GumAlive's range of toothpaste does not contain any harmful chemicals. They are manufactured with herbal compounds that does not contain fluoride, sugar or any synthetic substances.You should really start looking into the ingredients that goes into the making of the products you use.

I am very particular about the taste of my toothpaste and have been avoiding a particular brand because it tasted too sweet. I usually prefer my toothpaste with a minty and refreshing after taste but I never thought much about the ingredients that went into manufacturing them until my encounter with GumAlive.

(Image Credits: United Nature/GumAlive)

GumAlive comes in three variants:
1) GumAlive Fresh Breath
- Keeps your breath smelling fresh & minty all day long.

2) GumAlive Natural Whitening
- Whitens teeth naturally from deep within to keep them looking squeaky clean on the daily.

3) GumAlive Special Gum Care
- Effectively reduces pain, sensitivity and bleeding of the gums for an overall better gum health.
(Featured in my post is this particular variant)

Each tube of GumAlive’s toothpaste is safely packed in an aluminium foil and sealed hygienically to avoid germs at all costs.

Let the natural essential oils in the toothpaste work to constantly enhance the function of your teeth and feel the difference for yourself.

I have tried the special gum care variant and I love the refreshing after taste with a tinge of herb scent. I don't mind the natural whitening one too. Maybe next time.

The full range of GumAlive Natural toothpaste is retailed at $13.90 each and can be purchased at They can also be purchased at at Nutrimax Organic, Hua Kun Acupuncture.

Direct link for purchase:


362 Upper Paya Lebar Road #05-09
Dajin Factory Building. Singapore 534963

For more information of GumAlive, please visit


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