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Recently, I was invited to a private food-tasting for the SAGA experience by ADiRECT Singapore at Tower Club. The event showcased the exquisite Saga-Gyu and other agricultural products from the SAGA Prefecture of Japan.

ADiRECT Singapore, is a premium Japanese food distributor in Singapore

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Mr. Shimoyama, General Master Chef, Ginza Kira

Mr. Frank Kilian, Executive Chef, Tower Club

For this special occasion, two selected chefs from two top restaurants in Singapore and Japan prepared a variety of dishes using the star of the day "Saga-Gyu" and various agricultural produce from Saga Prefecture for us.

We also got to listen to a presentation about the Saga produce and learn more about the Saga cows which ate only the best type of food while nurtured under the "perfect" type of climate conditions.

Saga Prefecture is home to Saga-Gyu, one of the top brands of Japanese Wagyu well-known for its premium meat quality, highly-marbled and extremely tender texture. Saga Prefecture’s climate and rich environment makes it an ideal place for raising Wagyu cattle to produce the very best Saga-Gyu. ADiRECT Singapore is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Saga-Gyu in Singapore.

We sampled the Shabu Shabu Somen Noodles ( Saga-Gyu with noodles soup). Each piece is sliced so thinly and the soup had a light minty taste to it. Refreshing and light, I enjoyed it's tenderness and the Saga-Gyu melts away in my mouth.

The Saga Beef is famous for its great marbling. its colour and brightness of the meat. It also contains a certain level of fat to meat ratio, giving it the "melt in your mouth" experience.

Saga A5 wagyu tenderloin poached, Japanese mustard spinach foam, truffle jus

Saga A5 wagyu Rib Cap Sliced, Torched, Japanese Tomato Fondue and Lotus Crisp

Seasonal Vegetable & Salted Small Fish with Consomme Jelly

Some of the dishes also incorporates a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, also air-flown from Saga Prefecture, such as the highly renowned Saga-Honoka Strawberry, Mandarin Orange and Kouju Tomato.

The chef had incorporated these lovely, sweet smelling fruits into desserts which won the hearts of many ladies. I didn't have enough of these desserts, how I wish there was more.

Tenzan Jizake Junmai Genshu
We were also introduced to a range of sake, and we found this particular one interesting because it was wrapped in a leaf.

While the Umeshu is the easiest to drink because of its plum flavour, making it slightly on the sweeter side.

In all, we were impressed at the dishes which were churned out by the 2 chefs and our taste buds were left happy at the end of the day. Thank you for this lovely invitation to the Saga experience.

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