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Sometime last year i got acquainted with this brand called 2B Alternative, and got to try their product "Skirt Ready". Many of my readers had since asked me about its effectiveness after I used them. You can read more about my view on this product here.

This time, I am offered the opportunity to try out their Into Arm and Body. To be honest I haven't been exercising much (as usual, you know me by now), but when it comes to an opportunity to have a slimmer body with minimal effort, I wouldn't say no. Application beats pills anytime too because I can do a patch test. If the product fails the patch test, I can immediately stop. If I swallow the pill, it might be too late to stop if I encounter any negative effects.

Anyway, which guy doesn't prefer to have a partner with a curvy body right? Even if it is not for my other half... I'll do it for myself. As they always say, look good, feel good yeah.

So here we go, let me share with you more about the 2B Alternative into Arm and Body. The ingredients of this product is imported from all over the world. Its main ingredient had won patents in Germany and Japan, but the product is packaged in Taiwan.

2B Alternative into Arm and Body | For tummy and arms

Unique points of 2B Alternative into Arm and Body:

Get rid of flabby arms:
Tighten your flabby arms and waist from daily application with its anti-gravity effects. It will reduce the formation of cellulite other than getting rid of your flabby arms. This product also helps keep your body wrinkle-free.

Flattening your tummy :
2B Alternative adopts a new Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formular derived from HCA, Caffeine and Liporeductyl that reaches the fat cells layer with high speed fat burning properties. It helps you to remove stubborn fats, define your waist, and tone up your flabby arms while preventing the development of new fats.

Fat burning:
It produces more apparent effects than other fat burning machine from beauty salons. Unlike typical body purifying products which contains chili or ginger extracts which may cause skin irritation without eliminating the fats, 2B Alternative's formula does not contain these ingredients but uses the (HDP) formular.

Whiten and Smoothen Skin Melaclear:
The product activates the bottom cells that work to increase your skin's elasticity and promotes skin whitening. Your pores becomes smaller in 7 days and your skin surface will remain hydrated, supple and elastic.

Usage Directions of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body:

❤ Dry your body after shower and apply 2B on your tummy and arms.
❤ Use it after shower once a day. (Recommended at night before bedtime, as the skin is cleanest)
❤ Apply a small strawberry amount (about 50 cent Singapore coin size) on each part of your arms/body.
❤ Massage from lower waist up to your tummy. For arms, massage from palm to shoulder until fully absorbed.

As the Micro Water Molecules 2Base™ molecule only has 0.05mm, it can be easily absorbed. Heat can penetrate deeply into the fat cells layer. You should not feel sticky after using 2B Into Arm and Body.

As usual, I did a patch test on my palm but was surprised that there was no heating effect. I only felt the heated effect when the product is applied on my arm and waist. This is because the product will infiltrate your skin with moist to generate heat and burn fat. The percentage of fat on my hands are however too low, hence I could not feel the distinct heat. I felt a slight itch during the first 5 minutes of application but it was fine after.

Right Arm Measurement before usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms

Right Arm Measurement after usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms for about 2 weeks +

Left Arm Measurement before usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms

Left Arm Measurement after usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms for about 2 weeks +

Tummy Measurement before usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms

Tummy Measurement after usage of 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms for about 2 weeks +


❤ I kind of prefer the non-heating types of slimming products but after using 2B Alternative into Arm and Body, but it didn't really affect me as the heat was not felt that strongly when it was applied on my non "fatty" areas. I would therefore recommend applying at night instead as they would be less likely to affect you.

❤ The texture of the cream was more on the watery side and flows out of the tube easily so you need to be gentle when handling the product.

❤The heating effects can be felt within 3 minutes after application and stays on on a subtle note for a few hours and eventually goes off. That is also when I drift into la la land.

❤ 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body helps in reliving bloat in the tummy. Give your tummy a good massage and feel better afterwards.

❤ The effects were so good so yes (see the results above), I would recommend you to try it for yourself.

You can purchase this product at 2B Alternative Asia Facebook Page.
Or check it out Slimming Asia - Qoo10 Store .

A 100ml tube is estimated to last you for 15-20 days.
After achieving your desired outcome, you can use the product 1-2x per week for maintenance.

Skin Caring Tips:

*If you have broken skin . Avoid application on these areas when using the product. While this product is suitable to be used on people with sensitive skin and had passed an international patch test for all skin types, do seek professional advice from a doctor before use if you are under medication or have extremely sensitive skin.

*Pregnant ladies are not advised to use slimming products too!

*As with all new products, conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of this product on your less sensitive skin areas and stop using if you encounter adverse results. I applied a small amount of these cream on my hand and waited for half a day. Do seek help from a doctor if you do encounter rashes or itch after using the product.

For more information, do head over to 2B Alternative Facebook Page. There are also other products for slimming your face, body and arms. Do also check them out for on-going promotions.


This product is a collaboration effort between 2B Alternative and Pearlywerkz. Thank you for reaching out to me and spreading the love. I am looking forward to work with you again.

All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz unless otherwise credited. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. 

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