Facial Review: Follow up Lutronic Pico Lazer with Sozo Aesthetics Clinic


Have you been following me on my Lutronic Pico Lazer treatment with Dr Justin from Sozo Aesthetics Clinic? No idea what I am talking about? Then you have to read here

(Photo at 2 weeks post Lutronic pico Lazer)

This time, there is not much difference in the procedure compared to the first Lutronic Pico Lazer treatment, only now the settings had been made stronger and I am more mentally prepared for what I will be experiencing. For you, if you know you cannot take the "prickly" feeling or is afraid that you may feel any pain, you may wish to request for a layer of numbing cream to be applied on your skin.

Knowing that I do not have any history of doing a similar treatment before, Dr Justin told his nurse to apply a layer of numbing cream on the areas of my face after the usual cleansing steps, on where he was going to perform the treatment. Mainly my cheeks and nose area.

I then, waited for the numbing cream to set on my skin for about 15 minutes before we were ready to begin treatment proper. Sorry to scare you with this photograph. You cannot really see my pigmentation on this photo because I have brightened it, but just so you know, the lazer is only going to be done on only the dark spots area. Mainly all over my cheeks and more so, concentrated on my nose. This photo was taken the last time i see the light, before a pair of goggles was put onto me and before treatment comes on.

Dr Justin did explained clearly that before the pigmentation goes off, during the next few days, the dark spot will become darker after the Lutronic Pico Lazer procedure so don't be overly alarmed. The spots will then peel, and my face might get dried up. So it was essential to moisturize them more frequently. I should also be applying my sunblock regularly to prevent new pigmentation from forming.

This was taken on the same day, about an hour after I did my 2nd Lutronic Pico Lazer. Can you now see the dark spots clearly? These are the areas which I had a more serious pigmentation issue. Do they look cute at all? Sadly, I don't think so. These are like "burn marks" from the lazer. (It is not as scary as it seems, just that I can't find a better word to describe.) It feels like these spots are caused from the lazer, burning the surface of my skin so that they'll peel and new skin will then be formed. Like my skin was reborn if you describe it in layman terms. It is really not as scary as you think it is! This i can promise you.

On the 4th day post my 2nd Lutronic Pico Lazer treatment, i was having some issues trying to cover my darkened pigmentation spots while capturing some photographs as my spots were still dark and I was beginning to think if they'll ever get lighter.

On the 5th day, I woke up seeing the spot on my nose lightened by quite a lot. The pigmentation on my face had also miraculously lightened with some spots "disappearing".

By the 2nd week post Pico Lazer, my face is totally cleared of "darkened spots" but still remained glowing! Well, not completely cleared yet but the major ones are gone! The effects are so far so good and will update more after my next round of follow up treatment.

For more information on the Lutronic PicoPlus Laser, do check out:

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