Pearly Tan
was once an office lady stranded in the daily rat race like everyone else. She soon left her full-time job in mid 2014 and set up her own business, dealing with small animals. Passionate at the craft, she took time off work to upgrade her skills while running the business. She is now not only an advanced dog grooming class graduate, a multiple award winning groomer, and certified with the Singapore Kennel Club.

She proved that anyone can be their own boss as long as they work hard towards their goal. Success does not come overnight, it takes plenty of hard work, time and guts.

She enjoys trying out new makeup, skincare products, exploring new places and checking out interesting things and places.
As an eczema skin sufferer, Pearly is also especially into trying out face and skincare treatments, products and services tailored specifically for this group of people. 

You are highly recommended to connect with her, if you have something suitable for her and this group of people. 

Do check out Let's Fight Eczema for more information on what Eczema is about.

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2017 - Current
Appointed as Althea Angel - sharing of Althea Korea's products, Korean beauty and skincare.

2017 - 2018 :

Singapore Zoo Run Ambassador in 2017
Singapore Zoo Run Ambassador in 2018 

2016 - 2017 :
Approached by Zalora to become a freelance writer at Zcoop, a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content site where the trend-conscious, tech-savvy writers, come together to share their insights and discuss trends.

Became one of the Asus Mobile SG Ambassadors to promote Asus Zenfone series of phones alongside other Influencers and Famous Film Director, Actress Michelle Chong.

2015 - 2016:

Approached by Bejeweled to be their Brand Envoy for their facial, eye lash perming, and nail services.

Was Expression's Blogger Ambassador for their Slimming and Wellness services.

2012 - Now:
Samplestore Editor and Ambassador, featured in Samplestore Connect & Scoops by Samplestore Ambassador.

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Starngage Spotlight

Samplestore Connect

Scoops by Samplestore Ambassador

For collaboration, sponsorships, interviews, event invites, product trial, enquiries, and feedback please do not hesitate to contact Pearly, at

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