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Pearly Tan
is a school of business degree graduate from Loughborough University (UK), who once struggled with her grades in school. She worked as a Product Trainer and Customer Service Executive, before she found her calling in the Pet Grooming Industry after adopting a senior pooch.

Inspired by her senior pooch, she left her full-time job in mid 2014 as a Product Trainer, and set up a home-based dog grooming studio, Trim My Fur. 4 years on, she decided to ride on the dog year and went ahead to set up her first shop outlet, A.Grooming Studio, where you will find her in action, performing her "magic" in beautifying canines and felines. She is also an advanced dog grooming class graduate, a multiple award winning groomer, proficient in various dog show clips, and certified with the Singapore Kennel Club.

When she is not busy at work, you can find her at some random beauty and lifestyle events or trying out new novelty food. Or, perhaps just sitting in front of her laptop with her senior dog lying on her lap, while she write articles and answer queries over at her social media accounts, at Pearlywerkz where she set up in 2011.

As an eczema skin sufferer, Pearly is also especially keen in trying out treatments, products and services tailored especially for this group of people. Do connect with her if you have something suitable. Check out Let's Fight Eczema for more information on what it is about and what she is currently up to.

Social Media Channels:

Blog:  (15k+ page views per month, 618K total page views to date)
Instagram: (5.7k followers)
Facebook Fan Page: (1.1K fans)


2017 - 2018 :

Was run ambassador, for Singapore Zoo Run 2017, 2018

2016 - 2017 :
Approached by Zalora to become a freelance writer at Zcoop, a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content site where the trend-conscious, tech-savvy writers, come together to share their insights and discuss trends.

Became one of the Asus Mobile SG Ambassadors to promote Asus Zenfone series of phones alongside other Influencers and Flim Director, Actress Michelle Chong.

2015 - 2016:

Approached by Bejeweled to be their Brand Envoy for their facial, eye lash perming, and nail services.

Was Expression's Blogger Ambassador for their Slimming and Wellness services.

2012 - Now:

Samplestore Editor and Ambassador, featured in Samplestore Connect & Scoops by Samplestore Ambassador.

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For collaboration, sponsorships, interviews, event invites, product trial, enquiries, and feedback please do not hesitate to contact Pearly, at

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