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We have been talking about healthy food recently, so let's continue the trend.

Do you know that as adults, we are supposed to eat 1 and a half, to 2 cups of fruits everyday? Most of us eat less than our required intake of  fruits and vegetables, so it is important to remind ourselves to consciously incorporate them into our diet as they give us the vitamin, minerals, fiber and water which we require in our body.

While we are busy working from home, do remember to take some time to care for our body too! Buying premium fruits can now be done online, just a few mouse clicks away.

About Fruits Delivery Singapore

❀ Fresh from the farm, from top quality, organic produce and coming from all parts of the world including our neighboring country Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. Fruits are grown without the use of pesticides, chemical or additives.

❀ They promise perfect condition in every piece of your fruit, and fruits full of flavor in every bite.

❀ Over 80 types of fruits are available, from your standard fruits to exotic ones.

❀ Bad fruits are thrown away and will not be delivered to you.

I love how neatly they had packed my fruits and even wrapped them nicely in cling wraps. The rest of the fruits were packaged nicely in their individual containers where possible. They have also labeled the "Best Before date, and indicated if the fruits should be chilled."

Variety of fruits at Fruits Delivery Singapore

❀ Choose from deals of the week, to best sellers or seasonal favourites. With their wide variety of fruits, there's bound to be something for everyone.

❀ Just to list some of the fruits from the site, you can find apple, orange, bananas, strawberry, blueberry, melons, pineapple, peach, nectarine, custard apple, guava, kiwi, dragon fruit, pomegranate and many more.

❀ You can also find cut fruits, processed fruits such as raisins and roasted chestnut, cut fruits and juices from their site. How convenient! 

What sets Fruits Delivery Singapore apart from their competitors:

❀ They have 8 storage and preparation units, located island wide, offering island wide delivery. 

❀ Free delivery for $60 and above or top up $9.70 for delivery within 2 hours.
❀ You are free to track your order with their live chat assistant. 

Check out my order for the family: 

These are the fruits that I ordered for my family, taking note of each of their preferences. Do note that the grapes, jackfruit, strawberry and longans on the plate are taken out in sample sizes for the purpose of my photography needs.

I have also requested for sweeter fruits where possible, but was disappointed to taste the super sour strawberries, most of them looked rotten as well.

The dole bananas were polished off within the first two days, mum even made pancakes and fried fritters out of them. The grapes were crispy and was my husband's favourite.

The pomegranate was huge, with plenty of seeds, I shared them with my mum and finished them within a day. The juicy and fragrant Malaysia jackfruit was requested by my husband. They were delicious and highly recommended. 

The longans were also juicy and sweet, put them into the fridge and have them chilled, perfect for this sunny weather.  We love our tropical fruits!

You might think that there are too many fruits when you ordered them for delivery but if you take them everyday, its gonna finish before you even realized it. 

The supposedly sweet Malaysia honey pineapple, which was our star of the fruit delivery was another huge disappointment. It was not sweet at all, in fact it tasted super sour, although they smelled very fragrant.

Mum have requested for lemons so I ordered some for her, she loves to incorporate lemon in her food preparation such as using lemon juice to wash fruits, to add them into sauces, put them into our drinking water for the refreshing taste etc.

Overall Experience with The Fruit Hut - by Fruits Delivery Singapore 

Prompt and friendly delivery services, nicely wrapped fruits. Although the fruits were huge looking and fragrant, some of them didn't taste sweet, which was a disappointment. Some of them also looked overly ripe. Overall, the fruits were decent and while some were sour, the others were juicy and sweet.

I guess its hard to strike a balance between the freshness and sweetness of the fruits, and they couldn't guarantee that the fruit would be sweet. Considering that we did not need to carry back the heavy fruits, I think it is a reasonable trade off. Price wise they are also slightly on the higher side, since they are on the premium end.


Have you ever wondered what the back of the house looked like? Check out the last 3 photos to have an insight of how Fruit Delivery Singapore store their fruits.

I am amazed by how neatly they organized their fruits! These 3 photos are credited to Owari Photography. Thanks for giving us such an interesting insight.

I was introduced to Fruits Delivery Singapore by Best in Singapore. They have listed them under one of their 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore

Best in Singapore, is a website that consolidates all the best finds in Singapore. From dinning places to lifestyle activities, to facial salons and online food delivery, be sure to check them out if you are looking for anything in Singapore.

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