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Recently, I got to know about Just Nuts Singapore. As a nut and dried fruits lover, it is not surprising to already know of many other existing nut and snacks delivery services in Singapore. Nuts and dried fruits is generally considered a healthy form of snack and almost everyone loves snacking on them, including myself. 

Although some people with eczema tend to list nuts as an allergen and will avoid eating it, as it can often lead to a flare up, I personally cannot resist the temptation to snack on them. I suppose if you eat everything in moderation, it is fine. So far I am managing my condition well and I do take nuts regularly.

100g (per pack) worth of assorted nuts

100g (per pack) worth of assorted dried fruits

About Just Nuts Singapore

❀ They use award winning organic nut suppliers
❀ Their nuts are free of pesticides and 100% natural
❀ They provide 1-hour island wide delivery to satisfy your nut cravings
❀ If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, there is a 100% replacement guarantee

(Click for respective purchase, available in 100g - 1kg) 

Variety of food available at Just Nuts Singapore
❀ Nuts - Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Macadamia, Pistachios etc
❀ Dried Fruits - Raisins, Cranberries, Mulberry, Mango, Bananas etc
❀ Seeds & Beans - Lentils, black beans, chia seeds, millet etc
❀ Mixed Nuts - Assorted Nut premix selections
❀ Nut Boxes - Nuts premixed for specific health boosting properties such as for eye health & energy boosting purposes

I liked that they have a wide variety of nuts available, from raw to roasted, to even the chopped and sliced version as well as some interesting flavors and variety of nuts. It is a pity that not all were not available for selection for the purpose of this review. Most nuts available was also in their raw version, so it was not convenient to choose those.

The nuts were packed individually into 100g packs so if you purchase 300g of nuts, do expect 3 separate package. This is great for those who prefer to share their snacks. These packaging also has a zip lock feature so you can seal back the packaging and save the rest for later.

All the nuts were very fragrant, evenly flavored and well roasted. They tasted fresh and crispy as well.

(Click for respective purchase, available in 100g - 1kg) 

I am such a big fan of dried longan and I was surprised that their longan was sweet and not hard. They tasted really fresh as well. I love their cranberry as they were very appetizing. The white guava also tasted nice, but unlike the usual ones bought from the supermarket, they came in a thinner slice and had more skin on them but overall, their taste was acceptable. The mangos was pretty nice as well, chewy but not hard. Overall, I am quite happy with the quality of these dried fruits which I had selected.

More about Just Nuts Singapore apart from their competitors:
❀ Monday to Sunday delivery last order 6.30pm for weekdays, 7.30pm for weekends
❀ Island wide delivery is available at $5.90 for orders less than $60 
❀ Free delivery for orders above $60

Overall Experience with Just Nuts Singapore 

I had a good experience with the quality of their fruits and nuts and are generally happy with their packaging as it allows me to save my unfinished dried fruits and nuts for later. However, my order was supposed to be delivered in the afternoon but they failed to do so. I was even more surprised that there were no updates to inform me that they had scheduled my delivery to evening. From my package, I also came to realize that they were even late on the rescheduled timing. Pre-ordering is encouraged especially during this upcoming festive season. 

I was first introduced to Just Nuts Singapore by Best in Singapore. They have listed them as one of their Best 7 Nuts and Snacks in Singapore. Thank you for your great recommendation as always. Best in Singapore, is a website that consolidates all the best finds in Singapore. From delicious nuts and snacks to steamboat delivery, they've got them covered.

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Best in Singapore 

Just Nuts

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