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The first quarter of the year has flew past so quickly, so what have you acheived? (I know, I sound somewhat like your boss doing your appraisal here). Have you reached your goals? What keeps a beautiful woman look confident? Is it her looks? Or is it her money? Is it her dreams? Is it how she work hard to acheive her dreams and aspirations?

I haven't been attending any blogging/beauty events this year as most of you know that I have been rather busy with my new work and examinations, however I am very grateful and thankful for some of these people whom I have met in the recent blogging years of my life who constantly look out for opportunities for me to share their products, services and match me up with their clients. I am also thankful for adhoc opportunities where companies approached me for paid advertisements, sponsoring products for reviews, services for trials and even some one-off collaborations.
You know who you are, I would like to express my thanks.

As my site gains more popularity, views and readers, i hope to make more blogger friends, media friends and people from not only the beauty line, food industry and hopefully later even pet industry.

...and counting...

This may be a small number for many, but for a small blogger like me, this is some great acheivement.

I know that running my own business is not easy, especially with so many existing competitiors out there, just like having this beauty and lifestyle blog. I need to dedicate so much time into building something brand new, promoting my business, going for continuous training and upgrading my skills, building both an online and offline presense all over again, which also means sacrifices for time with family, time with friends and time with my blogger friends and fans. This is no joke.. this is hardwork. But, being able to give something back to the society in my very own way, this is worth all my time and effort even if it means no salary for the first few years.

If you have noticed, many online companies have also blossomed in the recent years, one such company is Zalora.sg which I believe many of you are not strangers to. Check out their SK-II beauty kit which they are always having promotion for.
You will be pleased to know that they have a 30 days free return policy, offers free delivery for orders above $40 and collects your cash upon delivery, so if you are uncomfortable with a credit card transaction, this is somewhere which you would love to shop. I'll be also collaborating with the popular china websites which I will share with you more later.

Regardless what you are doing now, be it schooling, be it aspiring to be the top in your organization or even being your own boss, I urge you to be daring and chase your dreams.
I am not sure what and how my business will turn out eventually, but I know I have tried my best and I will have no regrets.

I have given up my 8-5 job, and a decent salary for my dreams. I hope that one day i will make it there and be able to share with you my success story.

Be confident,
Be yourself.

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