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Is there such a thing as a perfect world? We can strive to be perfect all we want but like it or not, there is no such thing as perfection. Everyone have their strengths, weakness, flaws and beauty. It is often the journey of learning that counts, not the end results.

Speaking of that, I was glad that I had the opportunity to be back at J Studios again. This time round, to try their Perfect Solution Facial. It is important to schedule your facials every month because our face needs all the love it can get depending on our current needs. Applying the right skincare products is important to keep your skin in optimal conditions but for the tacky issues like dehydration, dry skin, pigmentation, enlarged and clogged pores issues etc, it is better to leave them in the good hands of the professionals.

Come! Follow me up to J Studio's second floor, where their facial rooms are situated and this is where you can feel the strong homely vibes, listen to the soothing music played and relax yourself. As you walk up the stairs, take some time to marvel at the milestones which J Studios have achieved, since 2011, a step at a time.

You can rest at the sofa and listen to your beautician as she explains to you about the treatment which you are going to receive, or simply just chill out until your facial time.

Excuse me, as I am about to enter the Calendula Room, where my facial will be done for the day.

The Calendula Room is a smaller room compared to the Lavender Room, but still as cozy, spacious and comfortable. While I could listen to the soothing music played at the background, I could also hear people's conversation while they walk along Haji Lane. Don't blame me for the unintentional eavesdropping. Now, back to the facial;

About Signature Perfect Solution Facial Experience:

There are 4 types of facials available targeting on your skin concerns of the day, namely

1. Hydrating & Moisturizing

2. Brightening & Whitening

3. Repairing & Anti-Aging

4. Purifying & Acne

The Perfect Solution Facial Treatment 60 minutes
was carried out by the same professional beautician as my previous Oxygen facial, who followed up with me how my skin was doing and gathered feedback before the session. She also address me by my name! Talk about personal service. *Thumbs Up*.

This facial is all about personalising and customising the perfect facial to you, using J studio's in house blend of essential oils according to your skin condition and needs. This is what makes your whole facial experience different.

I have included an abstract of the different phases of the facial process which you will experience for your reference. For the facial massage, this time i tried the orange essential oil for my face massage, which had a very very light pleasant scent that was subtle. It is the first time I am trying this essential oil and yes, I liked it.

Essential oil were also infused in the room to give me a very relaxing ambience along with the soft music played at the background which is sort of sleep inducing. I have recently also incorporated essential oils into my daily lifestyle and I find myself more at ease and relaxed when I am working at home.

My face was steamed and I had those irritating pimples removed. This round was a breeze because I had done a facial with J Studios slightly a month ago so my face was still in good condition. Thankfully the beautician is skillful as always so I hardly felt much pain. She also used a misted toner immediately after the extraction so my face was calmed after the process.

A highly welcomed seaweed mask was placed on my face piece by piece at the end of my facial while the beautician gave me a face massage. This photo looks pretty scary but you don't have to worry as you won't get to see what is being done during your facial as you'll most probably have your eyes shut anyway. All you will feel is pieces of soft and slimy cottony pieces be placed onto your face.

All the necessary steps like cleaning off the facial mask, toning, and moisturizing my face was then done on my face and before I realized it, the facial was done.

My face looks so rejuvenated immediately after the facial. Unfortunately, my eczema spot is still highly visible. The lower parts of my face looked brighter and clearer and my skin feels hydrated. However, there was an itch on my eczema areas. That being said, other parts of my face did felt cleaner even few days post facial.

Skin Caring Tip: Eczema sufferers can go for this facial, but please let the beautician know about your face condition when making the booking and remind them again during appointment. They might have to avoid areas of your face if your eczema is flaring, or if it gets too sensitive when you are doing this facial.

* Image credits to : J Studios

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You are encouraged to call or text 91828565 to enquire, or make an appointment.


Bugis Outlet:
31 Haji LaneNear Bugis MRT

For more information, check out:

J Studios Website
J Studios Bugis FB Page


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