Night Safari (Singapore)


Another interesting place that we went last weekend was the Night Safari!
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We arrived to the World's FIRST Night Safari at around 8+pm (They open at 7.30pm) , taking bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Interchange. There were lot of Japanese Tourist on the bus as well.

Recommended Itinerary by me:

Start of with the Creatures of the Night Show first, as you need to queue about half an hour or more for this show which last for 30minutes.

*Tip for the show: Don't sit at places where it is abnormal from the rest. E.g - With weird looking metal boxes in front of you. Or too close to the stage (if you would not like to interact with the animals). Or with ropes hanging in front of you (if you are afraid of animals).

Next go for the Tram Ride (MUST DO!!!)
It is about 45minutes of waiting time. But yes, i think it is worth the wait. :)
Because the whole Zoo is so dark and you'll get closer to the animals and give your legs a little break before you walk the trails. There are also guides on board the tram to introduce you to the night animals and they bring you to places where you won't be able to access by feet.

Lastly, explore ALL the 4 interlinked animal trails (Leopard, Fishing Cat, East Lodge & Forest Giant) . If you are lucky enough you get to see the Tiger sleeping right in front of you, or the giant squirrel flying above you, or the bats feasting on the trees.

Being a trainer in the travel industry, i never fail to introduce it to my overseas colleagues and they all loved this place. I think you should try too if you had yet to go there! ;D

Find out more about the Night Safari @ this link : Night Safari Website. Most of the following snapshots are from the website. Credits goes to them! Hope you like my post. I couldn't have more personal pictures as i was only relying on my Iphone Camera. :( Forgive me for that...

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