My Scheming Mask Journey - Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask


Tonight, i am going to apply bird nest to my face :) Yeah!

You did not heard wrongly! Not only can bird nest be eaten, it can be applied on my face to make me more beautiful.

The natural proteins and nutrients is good for my skin, with collagen included, it will double the amount of moisture and still keep the sheen, lightness and elasticity on my face. Furthermore, its advance moisture factor prevents my skin from dryness, coarseness, wrinkles, lines and combats other signs of ageing.

Remember the pearl paper i mentioned in my previous post?

Here it is again! I look like some character from transformers eh?

I am not going to repeat all the great benefits of this pearl paper,

else its gonna be so boring reading all the same things again and again!

Okay, so here are some photos of the packaging and the mask. The price of the mask is the same for all their range of mask at $14.50 without promotion. So check it out during this GSS and head over to stores when they have discounts. You can get them at $11.60 or lesser with your membership discounts and rebates!

So... are you curious to find out how these fare?


It is really hydrating and makes my skin feels so much bouncier. I love it. These mask smell great too! Not exactly the smell of birdnest but very nice. As usual they are very generous with the serums and yes since it was meant to prevent aging i had to use it on my neck. The rest my hubby took it and pat on his face. (How "hiao"<beauty wanabe in hokkien> can some guys be haha. :)

I do hope you have redeemed your very own piece of My scheming mask already. Oh! do remember to share your views on them after you have tried. Feel free to comment on my blogpost too! Voting starts at 6PM on my birthday! That's 25 June. If you'll like me to vote for you. I'll put in a good word for you if you 
1) Like my Facebook page
2) Comment on any of my My Scheming mask reviews. 
How you like it and tell me how you felt after you had experienced My Scheming mask.

That's all i have for you! I gotta go! See you around and have a beautiful Monday :D

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