Sponsored Review: Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting and Whitening Mask - Fruits you put on your face :)


Its all about mask this month. A mask a day gal is back again. Gosh, why did i even call myself that. LoveMore has sponsored me another mask for my review. I love to drink pomegranate and cranberry juice. What about you? They are supposed to be high in antioxidant and have lots of vitamins in them. Today, i am reviewing the Pomegranate Lifting and Whitening Mask from LoveMore. Thanks again to the good sponsors for your kind support in keeping bloggers like me ALIVE :D

This mask contain SYN-HYCAN which is supposed to be excellent moisture-holding property leads to a gel-like framework for collagen, elastin and skin cells. Also important is its ability to act as a filler, which helps provide the skin with mechanical cushioning. SYN®-HYCAN boosts hyaluronan production and allows needle-free HA-based face contour remodeling.

Wow! Fantastic combination. With my favourite fruit Pomegranate extract, Co-Enyme Q10, some stuff rich in Vitmain E and cures your headache too. Its no wonder i feel that my head is lighter and i could sleep really well after this mask. Okay maybe i am exaggerating a little here.

It has a mail envelop kind of look. Pink and pretty!

Lying on my bed now! Can't wait to try it!

Each box contains 5 mask sheets! They are so kind to sponsor me one box for this.

You see the pomegranate there? So tempted to bite into it!

The back of the box with information such as the amazing ingredients it contains.

It has a Super 4 Upgrade,

#1 - More Hydrating with patented SYN HYCAN. For better moisturizing effect compared to traditional Hyaluronic acid.

#2 - Intense Moisture, Micro emulsions. Essence are break down to smaller molecules for better absorption for skin to be healthier and brighter.

#3 - Best Fitting, Japan soft mask - 0.02mm feathery soft mask, with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on skin.

#4 - Deep penetration Zero Osmotic Pressure. Increase the absorbility, 5X more efficient than normal skin care. Effortlessly pamper your skin.

This mask is best used for rejuvenation of dull skin.

The plastic sheet! Most of LoveMore mask will have this plastic sheet to assist you in placement on the skin. Minimizes hand contact with mask to prevent bacteria from contact with your face. Such plastic sheets also helps in retaining the moisture/serum on the mask.

This is so relaxing under the soft light and lying on my comfy bed! I can feel the serum penetrating into my face as this super thin 0.02mm mask sheets lay on my skin. Also i did not feel too hot, as if my face was suffocated as the mask was thin and quite cool. I love the fruity pomegranate scent, not too sweet and overpowering. It also does not have the stinging effect unlike some other mask which i had tried. The only bad thing of having a thin mask sheet is that there is slight fear that it may tear anytime if you overstretch it. Also the mask sheet have quite a nice fit on my small face. I am that sort that will really make sure it cover all the critical areas it needs to cover. Haha.

Overall, yes i do like and enjoy using this Pomegranate mask.

In summary:

Mask Sheet Quality - 3/5
Mask Packaging - 3/5
Mask Price - 3/5
Mask Innovative - 2/5
Whitening Effects - 5/5
Softening Effects - 3/5
Fit into face - 4/5
Serum Thickness - 3/5
Scent - 4/5
Allergic Effects - None

Overall : 3/5

You can purchase them here .

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Till then, here's Pearly signing off........

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