Review: Sexylook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask


Once again, many thanks to the kind people at SexyLook who again send me products for review. As all of you know, I do lots of mask reviews. I am particularly thrilled by their range of black mask. Those mask are so amazing! The cotton mask is of superb quality and if you had used it for yourself, you know I am not bragging it.
 As you may have read from my previous post found
This mask works very well for me and I love it. :)

This time I was sent the Sexylook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask.

You can check out this youtube video on the mask's introduction. 

Credits: Sexylook website 

Per mask is selling at $3.50 each and you can read more about it,
or purchase the mask here. You can also find them in Watsons stores!

Its always good to see translation as not everyone can read
Japanese or Chinese.

The original text in Japanese, telling you how thin is the mask, how it locks in the moisture, the tears around the mask to fit perfectly on your face bla bla bla.... :)

Effects of using this mask:
The activated carbon will absorb dirt, excessive sebum and refine pores. Hydrate and repair skin for a natural glowing complexion. Skin will be regenerated for healthy, moisturised complexion. :)

They even have their customer service hotline! Not many mask providers do that.
I thought that was sweet of them for the additional touch.

The ingredients list for your reading.

[Credits SexyLook webpage]

Its time to go masking!

Model with the mask first. Hahaha

Peek-a-boo... I know its not an error now, since I've used it before.

Yummeh! Looks a little like seaweed :D~~~~

Okay! Serious business now! Put on the mask for 15 minutes. 
Noticed it doesn't have the plastic sheet? But it doesn't feel dry at all!
Not too long as the effects will be reversed. I don't want my face to become dehydrated instead.

The mask feels so good on my face with this silky cotton mask sheet. It doesn't feel hot.
It is quite cooling although I did not put it in the fridge.
I can feel the mask tightening my face. 

Noticed that not the whole nose can be covered,
I can breathe easily through this cotton mask, while it heals and repairs my face.

I tug the mask hard, but It doesn't tear.
Very good quality mask sheet. :)
I am umber impressed.

And now! Check out my rating for this so awesome mask!
I would like to say that this mask is fit for the QUEEN. 

Cos it really repairs and detox my skin. 
Even my pigmentation seems lighten now.
My skin looks so glowing ;D

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