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Have you noticed the recent craze with Taiwan Mask? 
Or should I say all mask?
I am a mask fanatic! 

I think all of my readers must had known this fact by now. ;x

So, If you know who is Aaron 炎亞綸 you will probably hear of the mask which I am going to introduce you today! Its none other than But Becky. Yes it is from Taiwan too! Taiwan seems to have all the best mask in the world other than Korea. And their mask are so good and so affordable too!

But why But Becky?
Oh what a quirky, quirky name! 

They'll be in Singapore sometime in January 2013!
*Look out for it okay?*
Check it out at all Watsons Stores! 

Sounds like good news right! The better news is that you get the guinea pig aka myself to try out and you get to read the reviews here before you decide if you wanna fly to the nearest Watsons store to grab yourself one! 

Here is me with the mask! *Models around....*
Lets take a look at their brand story since its new to all of us! 
Oh yes Aaron! I want to be your princess.... may I? 

They have 4 variant of mask and I get to try out the
but Becky,
 Age Lock & Moisturising Wild Yam mask

Each pack comes with 8 pieces of mask

And yes their mask sheets are innovatively double woven and proven to be highly stretchable. It comes with my most beloved ear hooks and neck mask too. 

Now, lets check out the mask.
The front of the mask box is so well decorated. I love "Becky" she is so cute!
Can you spot her? I have given her an extra pair of wings and some light!
Don't worry if you don't have the whole box with you, the designs on the box with the
information is printed exactly the same for each individually wrapped mask.

Lets look at the back of the mask box!
It gives you really detailed information about the mask, the technology behind the mask sheets as well as the ingredient list.

Some of the main ingredients sound so herbal! Wild Yam extract,
Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice.

That's me again checking out the mask!

Looks kinda huge and with my favourite ear hooks and neck mask!

Yays! I finally "hanged" the mask on to my face.
Check out the super quality mask. 

Thick! Non-flimsy at all.

Now the verdict:

This mask comes with ear hook for the neck. It aids tightening of the mask to your face too. Once you open up the packaging, you will smell a somewhat herbal smell, as if someone had pasted medical plaster on themselves. (Not everyone will like this scent).
For me, I am comfortable with it.
 It feels as if I am had rubbed wild yam on to my face.
 The mask feels rather cooling on my face and I did not feel any weird or stinging sensation.
Overall, I really like this mask and the effects are pretty good. I would
definitely recommend all of you to try it out!

The after effects of masking! And yes i got complimented by a colleague that i
was looking really fresh and radiant. ;D

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