Lifestyle and Dating : You can have my wine but leave me to walk, cruise and enjoy good times at Clark Quay


I have been a frequent visitor of Clarke Quay since 1990s. The Clarke Quay in the 90s and the Clarke Quay today is way different. Clarke Quay used to give me the impression as a place for high end shopping, very aloof like some high end shopping centers located in Orchard Road. Things were quite pricey and there was nothing much to do and shop. That was my impression as a kid in the 1990s.

But boy, never have I imagined it has changed so much over the years. In the recent years it had became so colorful and full of life! There's no better place to date than here. Its filled with endless activities be it day or night, with so much to see, eat, shop and have fun.

We loved the backdrop of Clarke Quay and taking photos around Clark Quay soon became a favorite thing to do. The backdrop seems to add so much color and vitality to our oh-so-plain life.

Photo with the then boyfriend and now husband with Clark Quay as the backdrop.

Loving the colors of the seats of the riverboat tour.

We never ever had enough of photo opportunities around this place. We did not even spare the Mulligan's bar for a photograph opportunity though we both don't drink. You can have my wine. I love the days where we would just laze around and do nothing but walk and enjoy the magnificent colors and offerings of Clark Quay.

If you are feeling like a tourist or having some overseas friends in town, you should bring them on a Singapore River Cruise to experience Singapore's amazing architectures and scenery on cruise.

View of Clark Quay Central taken on board the Singapore River cruise boat.

On board this cruise boat, I met a super friendly boat uncle who offered to take a shot of me when we were about to reach the famous Anderson Bridge where my then boyfriend proposed to me :) Memories!!!!

Here are photos of the magnificent night views of Clarke Quay and Riverside Point with the very colorful bridge lighted up in full glory.

Good times at Clarke Quay never ends....more coming our way! Do check out some of the activities which Clark Quay has to offer on their facebook page.

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