Lifestyle Review: Feet Haven Reflexology - a much needed feet massage [Sponsored]


I need my feet to bring me to greater heights, to go further. Therefore, no matter how busy I may be, I would always find time to pamper them. I was very delighted when i finally got invited to try this feet massage courtesy of The Influencer Network . I've always done body massage, but I don't often do foot massage in Singapore.

Those of you who had been following me closely will know that recently I begin chasing a new dream, therefore, I really have not been taking care of myself very well. Especially of my health. Hence, for those on the go and need a quick massage, this is where you should be looking at.

I feel very privileged to be able to take a photo with the lady boss, Miss Wendy Toh of Feet Haven. She is very hospitable, friendly and an admirable lady. Not only is she acquainted with the arts, she has a flair for business too. I want to be like her and open my own shop too! Hopefully the day will come soon! I love this photograph that we took together. :)

I was first offered to soak my tired feet in the foot salt bath by my masseur.

My feet was then wrapped to keep warm while waiting for my feet massage to start.

Let the massage begin. May i say that some parts of my feet was quite painful during the massage because my internal organs were not that healthy (according to the masseur), and I found out from Mr Masseur that it was my small intestines. Oh gosh! I haven't been eating well. It was quite painful. But other parts were relaxing. With the background music playing and super dim lighting, one can easily fall sleep. I know you may be thinking I am crazy, as it is painful, how can I sleep? That is the amazing part. I can!

Foot Reflexology has these benefits to help you :

- Reduce Stress
- Improve Blood Circulation
- Stimulate Nerve Function
- Improve Immune System
- Increase Energy

Check out more benefits of foot reflexology HERE.

From where i was sitting i spotted the EastieBrekkie magazine where Miss lady boss appeared again. I didn't manage to pick up one to read as my feet was wrapped up by now. Do support their magazine! There's an electronic version too!

My masseur continued with back massage for me after he massaged my tired feet.
This was great. The knots on my back was loosened. He didn't go too hard on my back although i was so worried that as a guy masseur he would be using all his energy to massage my tired body. Just as I thought I was falling asleep, he woke me up. It was so good! I slept really well that night.

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The feet and back massage was great. The experienced masseur seem to know exactly where was the spot that cause me the pains although I did not show him any tell tale signs by screaming or yelping. He was skillful but did not inflict any pain or sores on my feet like those inexperienced masseur would. I enjoyed the massage as I slept really well that night. The ambiance was good too, relaxing with many works of Wendy's Art pieces which you can admire while having the massage. The music was pleasant and puts your mind at ease. One can relax their mind and sole here.


Thanks for having me! Hope to check out the Serangoon Gardens Branch!


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