Beauty Product Review: Kate Mascara Lash Maximizer in glossy black [Sponsored by Lifestyle Post]


Kate has some of the best eye make-up products ever. Their products are great for Asian ladies especially like me, with small eyes and short lashes. Doesn't the video makes you want to try the lash maximizer for yourself?

The Mascara Lash Maximizer comes in 2 shades. White and Black, for your desired finish.
The white one aims to boost volume and the length of your eye lashes.

The black one (which i got to try) aims to keep your eye lashes lustrous and black. You can use this as a base or top coat.

Kate invest on their product packaging to make this look so classy! The Kate Mascara Lash Maximizer has a semi round brush head which makes application a breeze.

I've got the black one to try.

#Tip# : Swirl the mascara wand instead of dipping it up and down into the mascara "pen" (I don't know how else you call it?) as the later introduces germs into the mascara.

I have very short and unnoticeable eye lashes as you can see from the before photo.
The after photo makes my eye lashes more defined and black.

Pardon my face here, as I am still on my route to recovery with those red patchy skin. Focus on my eyes instead. You will notice that I need to define my eyes to make them pop! I have quite a small pair of eyes. Typically Asian, with single eye lid.

This Kate Mascara Lash Maximizer takes a slightly longer time to dry then the normal ones, but it isn't as fibrous as I thought it would be. The effects are quite noticeable if I put eye liner on my eye. I have also used some eyeshadow, CC cream and loose powder to form the whole look.

Overall, its a great product. I love it and I will give it 4 out of 5 Sunflowers.

Thanks to Lifestyle Post and Kate for selecting me as your advocate.

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