Beauty Products Review: Dentiste Premium White Travel Set (sponsored)


Want a Fresh and White Morning Breath? Then you should try Dentiste Plus White, Perfect Gum and Teeth Protection. Everyone deserves to smile confidently.

A natural set of white teeth will help boost your self confidence. Keeping good oral hygiene will also ensure that you have good oral health, healthy gums and teeth.

Deniste Plus White contains:
-14 Natural Exracts, with anti-bacterial and antiseptic ingredients to help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath and other oral problems.

-Polishing Silica, a natural tooth scrub that helps remove plague and stains on the teeth

- PVP (Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone), which helps dilute stains and prevent stain deposition

-HAp (Nano Hydroxuapatite), which helps whiten the teeth and strengthen the enamel for stronger, whiter teeth.

- Sodium Tripolyphosphate, which helps prevent the formation of plague on the teeth and gum.

This Intensive Whitening Treatment targets to:

- Whiten your teeth in 2 weeks
- Give you a visible and lasting whitening effect
- Is safe with the new technology with Dentiste's Replenishing White Nano Hydroxyapatite

This travel set is easy to carry around, I like the fact that you can use the holder as a cover to keep the tooth brush.

The toothpaste is bluish in color and feels refreshing.

-Brush teeth twice daily for white teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.
-Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least 2 times a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.

Highly recommended for:

- Individuals who demand for cleaner teeth and fresher morning breath. With the 14 Natural Extracts to inhibit oral bacteria growth which causes bad morning breath.

- Individuals, especially smokers and coffee drinkers who desire whiter and healthier teeth: Nano Hydroxyapatite promotes tooth whitening and strengthens the enamel.

- Individuals who suffer from sensitive tooth pain; Nano Hydroxyapatite helps reduce tooth sensitivity pain by restoring essential minerals to the teeth.

- Individuals who undergone tooth whitening treatment; Nano Hydroxyapatite helps prolong white teeth and prevent tooth sensitivity after dental treatment.

**Dentist recommends that the teeth should be brushed for at least 2 minutes!**


I like the convenience of it as a standing toothpaste as it is easy to keep and use especially when you travel. The tooth brush also comes with a transparent removable holder which functions as a cap.

The toothpaste is pleasant, minty, cooling and refreshing. This toothpaste does not "taste" sweet and foams up easily. I can see a slight difference after 1 use but i think I will need to continue to use it to monitor its effectiveness.

I would recommenced this toothpaste to anyone who loves to travel and need the convenience of a travel pack toothpaste.


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