Beauty Product Review: Sephora Smart Liner - For your perfect cat eye (Sponsored)


Wee! I've got to try out a new product again! This lovely product that I'll be introducing you is none other than my daily make-up essential. This is a must have in every lady's make-up bag! Thanks to Lifestyle Post I get to try out many interesting products and share them with you, my lovely readers. Have you ever had issues creating the perfect cat eye look? Having butter fingers and can't seem to hold the eyeliner? Read on.. this is for you.

Sephora Smart Liner is a 24-hour long wearing eyeliner with a packaging like a mini "gun", that enables you a super-easy application and almost foul prove precision line. No worries even if you are a newbie of eyeliners. Right or left-handed, its ergonomic and innovative design makes perfecting the line effortless and flawless.

The Sephora Smart Liner does not contain Parabens, Sulfates and Phtalates.

Look at the fine and precise tip of the eyeliner.

Just gently tilting the eyeliner will allow me to easily create the precise wing of the cat eyes. Look at the black pigments, its a true black colour.

Suggested Usage Instructions (Recommended by Sephora):

1) Lift up your chin and look in the mirror below your face. Lower your eyelids so you can apply your makeup effortlessly.

2)For a doe-eyed look, press lightly on the tip to widen the line then apply over the base of the upper eyelashes allowing the line to go over the base of the eyelashes by 0.2 inch.
3)Hold the Smart Liner with the index finger hugging the upper curve of the utensil. The tip of the thumb should be close to that of the index finger. The other three fingers are folded in a hold over the Smart Liner.

4)Once you have a firm hold on the Smart Liner, draw a line from the inner corner of the upper eyelid towards the outer corner.

A simple look created out of my new Sephora Smart Liner, Maybelline BB Cream, Etude House lipstick and Clinique Concealer powder. I did not use any eyeshadow.

For more ideas of what kind of eyeliner you would like to have take a look at what I've found here.


Review and ratings:

Colour: Dark black 4/5
Usability: Easy to hold, easy to glide on, non smudgy, easy to remove, good for newbies or experts and suitable on oily lids 4/5
Packaging: Small, handy and can easily be stored away in small pouches or in make-up drawers 4/5

I love how long wearing this eyeliner is, lasting me a day through work without the need of having to touch up. It does not smudge on an oily eyelid like mine but it was surprisingly easy to remove at the end of the day. You can remove it using warm water or a normal make-up remover.

This eyeliner does not contain the typical "ink" smell you get and glides effortlessly, creating the cat eyes we all wanted. It is easy to use due to its ingenious design and ergonomics. I love how cute it looks and how easy it can be stored away even on a mini-pouch. I do not need to worry about finding a "long" casing/pencil case to store my eyeliner anymore.

A good eyeliner will ensure that you can create the look you want almost effortlessly. Regardless of your skills and time. A good eyeliner needs to be long-lasting and does not smudge easily. Sephora Smart Liner has all the qualities required. I am in love with it.

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