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Targeting my skin issues and main concerns, Dr Tan prescribed the above products for me after the 1st consultation. You will see many similarities of the products from my previous skincare products because they have the same concept and Dr Tan was previously practicing there.

C2 Gentle Cleanser with RQ-Complex

I was prescribed with the C2 Gentle Cleanser which is a fragrance-free cleanser. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanical extracts to moisturize and fight environmental stress. The C2 Gentle Cleanser is suitable for both dry and sensitive skin.

It somehow reminds me of the oat meal shampoo, I wonder is it the smell of the ginko biloba leaf extract mixed with the other ingredients that creates the resemblance. I always thought that sensitive skin people should avoid foaming product but this product proves me wrong. I like how gentle it lifts impurities off my face and how it lathers up quickly with water.

C3 Cleansing Gel and Make Up Remover

This product was prescribed to me for my regular make-up removal. A unique product that also works to neutralize the chlorine in tap water. This product contains lemon grass and rosemary extract, sounds so "herb-ish".

It does sting a little when I try to remove my eye make up while trying to blend the make up remover over my face, otherwise it is an effective make-up remover. You may use it on its own, followed by a toner or follow up with a cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your face.

T1 Purifying Toner with RQ-Complex

One of my top favorite products  because of the spray mist bottle which makes it convenient and environmental friendly. The smell of this product somewhat reminds me of green tea when sprayed but when it settles on the skin it is quite fragrant-less.

C+ C-Plus

C+ contains Vitamin C and E which aims to tackle wrinkles, dark spots, lightens the skin and combats acne. Thanks to C+ my acne is very well under control. Now I hardly get outbreaks (touch wood), only a couple here and there during the time of the month.

OM Oil-Free Moisturizer

Now who says all moisturizers are oily? Dr Tan's Oil-free moisturizer works as well, if not better than the regular oily moisturizers that leaves a shine and oily layer on your face after using. Despite this product containing various seed oils and avocado oil it does not feel oily at all. All it does is moisturize your skin with its Vitamin C and E, an extra booster after having the C+. OM also helps lighten acne scars by suppressing melamine production. This product ensures no nasty breakouts due to having too much oil in your skin.

S2 Suncreen SPF 50

Boosted with Vitamin C yet again, I see that IDS is a fan of Vitamin C, so am I. I am convinced that I have made the right choice! IDS carries both the tinted (a light base color finishing) and non-tinted sunscreen which comes with a high SunScreen SPF of 50. It not only blocks off the infra-red radiation, they keep your skin surface temperature stable even upon sun exposure.

It does not contain any sunscreen chemical smell and leaves no traces upon application.

CC Calming Cream

I was additionally provided with this Calming Cream to be applied on my redness area because of my sensitive skin. This calming cream did not work wonders on my peeling nose and sensitive skin. It leaves a trace of Chinese medicine scent on my fingers after applying it on my skin.

What you've seen above are based on my true and honest thoughts about that particular product and how it reacts on my skin. Everyone's skin is different and reacts differently from certain ingredients, so if you are interested in trying IDS products, I would strongly recommend you to go for consultation first. 

Be patient and don't expect instant results! There aren't miracles in this world. Make-up can only help you temporarily cover your flaws and imperfections. Only proper and professional treatment will solve your skin issues thoroughly. There are bound to be hits and misses, just like in my skincare journey. You'll get the result you want only if you press on. :)

My skincare progression after almost 26 days of usage. I have not reached my desired outcome and I am not stopping just yet. Follow me ...

I approached Dr Tan and told him I needed some serious help on my skin sensitivity/redness and freckles which was not solved previously. If I were looking at these photos, I will be wondering the same as you. What's wrong? I don't see any redness?
That was what Dr Tan told me too.

I don't know if you encounter this. You are having a terrible cold and you finally decided to visit the doctor. Just when you are at the clinic, the cold is suddenly gone! That was what happened to me.

Make sure you are ready for the next sequence of photos, I took them when my skin sensitivity worsen. Pardon for the ugly photos, it really brings my morale down. But I am determined to have them stablise down, if not fully cured at IDS. It is the exact same occurrence I had previously.

I started capturing the changes my face went through from Day 15 - Day 21 as the redness was coming on and off. If you have skin eczema you will probably know that this is not something which can be treated overnight. It was difficult for Dr Tan to prescribe the products as the symptoms just didn't show.

However, there is something worth rejoicing about. Look at the my pigmentation mark, clearness of the skin and brightness. My skin seems to get better.
That's not the end... I am going to follow up with the next consultation and Dr Tan will be fine tuning the "misses" in the products prescribed for me.

Till then... keep reading!

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