The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary - Raspberry Roots Range


Last weekend, Tracy extended an invite for me to attend The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary with her. How could I not accept this invitation?

The Face Shop is celebrating the 1st Million pieces sold of their award winning Raspberry Roots range in the month of September.

The event was held at 1 Altimate, (61st floor) Altitude, at Raffles Place.

Registering ourselves downstairs before heading up!

Photo credits to Tracy!

Look at the scenery out there, isn't it beautiful? You can see the whole of the Marina Bay Sands landmark from 61 floors above.

Spot Esplanade and other famous Singapore landmarks! Singapore is such a beautiful place.

Whats an event without taking photographs with lovely blogger friends?

Sticking so closely with my blogger friends here. Without them, I wouldn't be attending events. :) I am grateful. Thank you Tracy and Jessie for always making my blogger events fun and less awkard.

With some new found friends, photograph with props!

Without her, I wouldn't be attending this event. Thank you once again!

Bloggers started coming in,  the place is getting busy and being filled up! Sorry if I didn't get to say Hi. I am shy... and if I don't know you well, its hard for me to mingle. ;X

Had some of The Inspired Chef Ice-cream before the event starts, look at the spoon! Love it that its engraved.

1 Million Special! What are the products that were being featured and what makes them so special?

Mutliple award winners over the years !

These products from the Raspberry Roots are specially developed to resist the effects of time. The product is infused with pure wild himalayan raspberry roots extracts to strengthen and repair the elastic fibers deep within.

Left to Right:
Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel, $25.90 for 20ml 

Say good bye to puffy eyes, cooling gel that hydrates and contains caffeine to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fluid retention. Improve firmness around the eyes and brightens skin tone. Contains Vitamin C from grapefruit, sage, chamomile and Aloe vera extracts to soothe, relax and relieves skin around the eyes.

#Do you know this is specially created for the Singapore market?#
Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask, $25.90 100ml

Hydrates and relax your face while you sleep. Contains Raspberry Roots from himalayas that are anti-oxidants, helps promote collagen synthesis, letting you wake up to tighter and firmer skin.

Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch (Front) $8.90 for 2 sets

Intense eye lift mask with Himalayan Raspberry Roots extract and Marine Collagen to sooth, hydrate and lift eye area for a youthful looking skin.

Check out their special set containing all the products, great for both travelling and testing of product's suitability on your skin.

I have personally owned and tried the Raspberry Roots range of products except the Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel before this and I love all of them. The collagen mask really lifts up my eyes and relaxes the muscles around it.

Check out what I bagged home!

Do try out these products from The Face Shop and special thanks to them for having me there!


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