Beauty Box Review: Glamabox December - Merry Christmas


My monthly glamabox is here again! This month i received a jumbo box. Much bigger than its usual size. *Rejoice*

The first thing that caught my attention is "red ridding hood" look-alike plush toy. It came as quite a surprise because I didn't really expect Glamabox to have soft toy in it. I Love the little gal, so cute.

Take a closer look at all the items which I have spread across my table.
Brands includes:

- Kim & Marc

- Noelle
- Bach
- eFresh
- Bakel
- Shara Shara Girls
- Smillson
- Victoria

What a spread we have here. There are many new brands and products which I have not seen nor heard before.

Kim and Marc Jewel Eye Colour in a beautiful shade of purple.
The Jewel eye colour is luxuriously smooth. The corn silk formula provides your eyes with a natural base and an awakened brightness. It is easy to apply, glides on smoothly and provides you with a long lasting shimmer.

I love the purple of this Jewel eye colour. They came just in time for the year end party. Product instructions are in Japanese, so i suspect the brand is from Japan, it would be good if they print in english too. They have even printed the product expiry date which I am grateful for.

Kim and Marc Illuminating Two Way Cake  This two way cake keeps your make-up long lasting with lecithin and imparts luminosity with Vitamin C and coral powder. The powder leaves your skin even toned and protects your skin from harmful UV rays with Titanium dioxide.

I will use the 2 way cake together with the eye shadow, smack on some lipstick and I guess I am ready to go. The small packaging also makes it very compact for carrying around.

Noelle - Lime and Grapefruit Body Scrub - This series contains Cell-Lifting Complex formulation with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help stimulate healthy protein production and cell renewal. 

This is a refreshing, uplifting, and richly replenishing sucrose micro polisher with proprietary blend of natural raw materials and active ingredients that gently exfoliates skin debris, nourishes dry skin while boasting the skin's natural regeneration and protection process to deliver healthier and more sumptuous skin.

This is the major culprit of why my whole box smells so citrusy and nice! Smells alot like the refreshing spray that I've tried previously. Gonna have a luxious bath and a good scrub later on!

Look at the texture of the scrub. It feels like I am rubbing sugar crystals on my skin and I smell so amazingly cirtusy now. I bet my neighbour can smell it from where she is sitted right now! *Points to dog*

Bach - Rescue Remedy Pastilles is a combination of 5 Bach Original Flower essences. Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. It does not contain any artificial colouring, sugar and chemical side effects.

I took 2, one after another and left the other 2 for another day. It's like i am eating flowers. I expected lemon but that is no lemon in it. Just flowery and I wonder if it's me hallucinating because I thought my mouth felt a little dry and numb after taking the pastilles.

eFresh - Perfect Skin Therapy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract & Green Caviar Complex

The Perfect Skin Therapy Face Cream with green caviar extract gives you contiuous improvement on your skin health and appearance, the cream brings immediate moisture and long term anti-aging benefits. Recomended to use with the Green Cavair Complex.

The Green Caviar Complex continue to moisturize your skin with ingredients like Alpha - Gulcan Oligosaccharide and Aloe Vera Extract to facilitate the transport of nutrients which favors cell renewal of the skin. It also soothes sensitive skin effectively to improve your radiance, elasticity and moisture the skin. Use this before applying the perfect therapy face cream.

Bakel - Collagen serum, Pure Peel exfoliating gel mask and Malic serum.

Bakel Collagen - Contains natto gum with its high elasticity and firming properties to keep your skin young and well nourished. Panthenol on the other hand, sooths and firms, vegetable glycerine moisturises your skin.

Bakel Pure Peel - This mask is formulated with a combination of salicylic acid and citric acid together with other acids. This formulation eliminates the layer of dead skin cells and aids cell renewal.

Bakel Malic - Contains malic acid, hence the name. Together with mandelic acid, tartaric acid, kojic acid, to synergistically promote the removal of dead skin cells and even your skin tone and colour.

Shara Shara Girls - Water Girl's Ice Toner and Ice Lotion
These products helps prevent oily skin and tightens the pores, brightens the skin, moisturises the skin.

The ice toner smells very nice. This product should be from korea as its instructions are printed in korean. English translation is recomended.

Shara Shara Girls - Honey Bomb all in one ampoule

Contains honey extract, royal jelly extract and propolis extract that provides rich moisture and nutrition for honey glowing skin.

Such a cute packaging and very beehive looking!


Smillson - Oat Nourishing Tea Moistening Bath Lotion (Oat + Green Tea)
Formulated with oat essense and green tea distillation formula to mositen skin, repair allergy remove dryness and suitable for sensitive, normal or dry skin. Foam and lather before rinse off.

It smells like men's cologne! On the other hand, I think they should introduce this to the hotels because people will bound to like it.

Victoria - Lanolin Eggwhite Facial Soap. A two way korean skin care product made from egg whites, glycerin, rose water and other natural ingredients. Use it like a mask or a cleanser to reduce pore size, remove black head, firm and whiten skin.

Reminds me of the Re:cipe Lemon Slowganic Cleanser which I received in the September box. Similar logic and similar way of using!


 I really love my December glamabox alot with all the brillant products in them! Hope to be able to blog about then in January again. Till then... Love ya all!


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