Product Review: November Glamabox - Give Thanks


This month's Glamabox did not came in a package. I received a box, in another box. It delights me when I received packages at my door step.

Glamastars glamabox received for november.

I was expecting a different designed box but it so happens that this glamabox has the same design as last months. Nevertheless, it is still cute.

Unboxing to an orange coloured wrapper. Are you as excited as I am to discover what are the contents in the box?

The theme for this month's box. Give Thanks. It coincides with Glamabox's 3rd Anniversary.

1. Abeeco Anti-Aging Creme
2. Benefit - the Porefessional
3. Brands InnerShine Ruby Collagen Essence Strip
4. La Roche-Posay
5. Sebamed - Clear Face Care Gel
6. Syma- Seaweed Scrub
+ 2 Mask as Gift!!!

1. Abeeco Anti-Aging Creme, Royal Eye Creme & Venom Mask

These products are made with royal jelly, manuka honey and Jojoba Oil for softening and smoothening the skin by promoting skin cells renewal.

2. Benefit - the Porefessional & Agent Zero Shine

These products are specially formulated for pore minimizing and for smoothening of fine lines. The powder even comes with a small brush. How brillant!

I really like the idea of this 2 items which can be brought out easily. Especially after a facial session or when you go travelling. Great for touch up yet not too bulky to bring along. I am keeping them for the moment.

3. Brands InnerShine Ruby Collagen Essence Strip

These collagen strips are made from a blend of micro-collagen and Astaxathin harvested from micro-algae. They work to promote a firmer and youthful skin. Defy the ageing process through supply, protect and support. Infused with pomegranate juice, ruby collagen essence strip taste so good.

I really like the idea of this packaging making it such a breeze to finish one in a day. No mess of mixing into drinks and most importantly they taste so yummy and can be eaten anytime in the day/night.

4. La Roche-Posay - Toleraine Ultra Light, Toleriane Dermo Cleanser

They are the only skincare product that has been accredited by the French Allergy Prevention Association in new light texture. They do not contain preservatives.

They sound gentle enough for my super sensitive skin. I will try it soon.

5. Sebamed - Clear Face Care Gel

Another moisturizing gel for oily and spot prone skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Barbadensis to help acheive optinal hydro-lipid balance. Allantoin and Pathenol helps calm irritated skin and soothe skin quickly.

I am quite familar with this brand and always use them for my sensitive skin so I have no doubts that this product will work well on my sensitive skin. It is not oily at all but feels very hydrating, and somewhat watery.

6. Syma- Seaweed Scrub, Cleansing Milk, Grape Seed Moisture Liquid, Hydrolyed Pearl Beauty White Skin cream

The seaweed scrub contains concentrated seaweed fibre to replace the rough scrub particles, which can deep cleanse and refine the corneous layer, remove impurities and dead cells. Resulting in reduced wrinkles, scare, melanin and black heads and cleanse your skin without irritation.

The Cleansing Milk is meant for removal of make up and impurities.

The Grape Seed Moisture Liquid prevents cell oxidation and free radicals and tightens your skin to prevent them from slacking. It smells like grapes and the colour of the liquid is also purplish.

Lastly, use the Hydrolyed pearl beauty white skin cream to eliminate ion in the skin to prevent dehydration and aging of the skin.

The +2 Mask Sheets (Red Gingseng Collagen & Sea Cucumber, both from Dermal)

That's all for the November box, subscribe yours today!


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