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I am back to IDS Clinic for a skin review and to try out the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment for the first time. I have been a good gal following closely to the facial products prescribed to me previously by Dr SK Tan and now Dr Heng. 

Dr Heng mentioned that there is not much he can do for my skin eczema issues except to be prescribing me with creams such as (SG, 1/4 Bet & CC) to "contain" them and keep them in control. He assured me that my face was getting better and under control since the previous visit.

I guess partly also because of my new profession dealing with animals, it can be very tough to be completely healed. Though I always argue with people that it's a myth and not a fact that those furry critters can cause bad skin. I have to be disciplined and continue to wear a mask when dealing with them. 

I am glad to be telling my success stories with IDS since my very first visit because I have witnessed positive transformation on my skin. I usually give up a certain product after a month or so of using them either because of the complexity of application, uneffective product or due to sensitivity arising from usage of product.

By far, this has been my longest staying brand in the recent years. I have been sticking to IDS since May 2014 and I certainly hope their products will continue to work for me.

You will be pleased to know that first consultation fee has been waived off since 2014 and continued in the year 2015 until further notice. So if you are interested to give them a try, why not?

After the face review and prescription of creams for my eczema. I was brought into this small and cozy room by Nurse Kym for my Hydro Therapeutics Treatment. This is my very first facial service with IDS as well as the first in 2015.

The normal face cleansing procedures and pimple extraction was done during the treatment, but there is no face steaming & eyebrow plucking in IDS's case compared to your normal facial in a facial salon.

I could tell from Kym's service that she was very seasoned and no newbie to this treatment. Every step was well executed, explained and made hassle-free for me.

The Hydro Therapeutics Treatment consist of 4 steps.
- Microdermabrasion 

- Ultrasound
- Iontophorosis
- Whitening Mask

This is the Hydrafacial equiptment used in majority of the hydra facials. I am no stranger to this machine as my previous hydra facials was done using this exact same machine too.

IDS made used of this machine as a water microdermabrasion to jet stream Multi Mineral Solutions to take off dead cells off the top layer of the skin.

Using the Ultrasound machine, the skin scrubber then removes the comedones off my face. These are the black and white heads which are lossen so that they can be removed easily when the scrubber scrabs along the skin. Pimple extraction was done during this stage.

Next, using Iontophorosis, vitamins and whitening serum are penertrated into my skin before a whitening mask was applied to enhance the overall glow and radiance of my skin.

The end result (photograph below). The customer a.k.a as myself, is very satisfied with the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment. There is this instant glow which you can immediately see from my face after the treatment.

There is no down time and no skin redness even the day after, even for such a sensitive skin like me. Although it does little to help my
eczema, it kept the rest of my face glowing with radiance and pumped with moisture. 

Follow me on my instagram, facebook or blog @ PearlyWerkz for updates of my skin progression if you are interested and do go for the consultation and seek the doctor's advise before you proceed with the IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treament.

IDS Clinic is located at :
#05-07 to 10



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