Lifestyle Review: Triumph 20 Years of Maximizer Magic Fashion Show


It was my pleasure to be invited to celebrate Triumph 20 years of maximizer magic together with over 400 other guest at MOCA. Special thanks goes to my dear friend Tracy who kindly extended the invitation.

The team from Triumph was very meticulous to put up balloons to guide their guest
along the way to locate their fashion show venue in the Dempsey area.

We were introduced to a wall of Triumph's stories where they showcased
some of their lingerie pieces and their milestones.

About Triumph

Triumph International is one of the world's largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys the presence of over 120 countries. Triumph constantly innovates and develops products that are designed and catered to the modern woman who values quality and style.

Triumph marks another milestone after 129 years since its humble beginnings to a global lingerie business today. Corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer and businessman Michael Braun were the founders of this business.

The maximizer was Triumph's first bra with removable bra padding and was introduced exclusively to Asia in 1995. To date, 100 million pieces had been sold in Asia, making it become the world's number one favorite push-up bra.

We managed to grab ourselves some luxurious refreshments at the cocktail area and have some magic fun before we headed for the fashion show.

Evolution of Maximizer

1994- Triumph introduce the first T-shirt Maximizer Bra
1999- Dorlastan was added to the fabric to give more elasticity, lightness and softness

2002- Silk Protein was infused into the Maximizer

2003- The first cream pad maximizer was introduced for a "bouncy" yet natural-looking cleavage

2008- Aloe Vera was infused into the Maximizer

2010- Sexy Cushion and Touch Cushion collection was launched, these range allows users to customize their own cleavage

2011- Touch Cool Collection which reduces one's body temperature by 1.27°C was launched

2013- Body Make-Up a collection that almost blends into one's skin was launched

Today we have The Magic Wire Bra, together with two other signature ranges (Aqua and Sexy Cushion), the sold 220,000 pieces within 2 months of their debuts in Asia, ascertaining Maximizer as the best-selling product in Triumph's history.

The runway lingerie show was dazzling with International super models such as Amber Chia and Celebrity model Sheila Sim gracing the runway modeling their respective fairy themed pieces and the later was seen in a Swarovski-studded corset.

Let my photos show you how spectacular the fashion show had been. This is my very first lingerie runway fashion show and i hope my photos are decent as they were all from my phone camera.

Host of the night Jade Seah

Spot International super Model Amber Chia with the floral-fairy looking ladies

The black and gold Egyptian theme

The dancers

The crown theme

And then there's the pink lady too...

The crowned glitz and glamor ladies in dark blue, black, white

Eye candy for the ladies?

Celebrity model Sheila Sim... I love her corset

I enjoyed the lingerie show. Hope they'll be more to come and perhaps a better sitting? Cheers to being an woman and beautiful lingerie. Cheers to many more good years of maximizer magic! Thanks for having us!

Like some of the pieces you see here? You can purchase them here.

Signing Off,

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  1. awesome! I love fashion show!

  2. thanks to dropping by Sweet Hannan ;)


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