Diary Post: Happy 50th Birthday Singapore and our dating places


When it comes to red and white, what are you reminded of? Sk-II Stempower? Just joking! But really its a popular product and its red and white too. So why not? Maybe you should just go to the page and grab one bottle to pamper yourself for partying so hard, in celebration of the nation's post birthday!

Its the nation's birthday. Singapore is 50 years old this year. Its our Jubilee and we are having a long weekend. Its great to check out some of  places which you have not been to, and is now FREE! That's what myself and hubby did. Cheapo? No... we're just typical Singaporeans. 

So he dig me out of bed on day 1 of the long weekend, and told me that he wanted to watch the Singapore Aerial display as they are having their rehearsal. So there we are...

Look at the gloomy skies thou, we didn't catch much of the action in the skies. Soon there was a downpour and we decided that we should just go find some food nearby. We headed for the Marina Square food court where we had our favorite Indonesian food.

We took wefies, and revisited some of our favorite places along Marina Bay.

Spot the Fullerton Hotel, The bridge before the Fullerton, views of the Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands and other buildings along the busy Singapore districts. These places brings back happy and sweet memories where we took our pre-wedding photo-shoot back in 2009.

We took the opportunity to visit the Asian Civilization Museum where they showcased a time capsule uncovered. Its called, Unearthed, Singapore at 25. Wonder what's Singapore like a mere 25 years ago? Look at some photographs which we took of the items. Are any of them they familiar to you? Maybe you can keep one time capsule at home and pass it down to your children when they grow up too. It will be fun to put together items.


This exhibition displays the contents of a time capsule buried in front of the Empress Place building on 29 December 1990. Objects include first National Service mobilisation, development plans from the 1970s, military medals, stamps, public phone cards, a very young SINGA, the courtesy mascot, and even a poster of Ah Meng, ambassador for the Singapore Zoo. Come experience the sights, sounds, and thoughts of Singaporeans of 25 years ago. ~ Credits: Asian Civilisation Museum 

There are some other exhibitions happening at the same time as well, we managed to take a quick look and snap some photographs along the way as we've seen some of them on our previous visit. We left soon after and proceed on with our exploration.

We walked around Uncle Ringo and looked at some of the activities that the children were busy with and was rather fascinated by the Journey of Thrills. It cost $7 for 2 rounds which took around 10 minutes or lesser. Would you pay for such rides for the sake of the experience for your child?


The all time favorite bumper car, where we spotted a long queue behind the ticket booth.

We walked around for a little and explored Marina Bay Sands but...  we didn't manage to hang around long enough to wait till the fireworks, as the rain was coming on and off, we got our shoes all wet and clothes partially wet. Even though we had our umbrella with us, it didn't help much. We decided to head home after that.

It was a day of fun exploring the Marina Bay area and we hope that we'll be able to find time to do more of these exploration trips soon!

Hope you find some dating inspirations and things you can do on your next date! It really depends on both of your interest but there are places in Singapore which you can go round exploring with your loved ones.


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