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Hi ladies and gentlemen, so here we are back at the so familiar place 1 year on. Find out what have changed and what are the latest exhibits here at Trick Eye Museum as you read on the blog!

Trick Eye Museum has since added some new exhibits and made our experience more interactive with new themes and a 4D Concept! 

So go ahead! Explore to unveil the mystery to re-ignite the excitement as you overcome the supernatural and immerse yourself into a fairy tale romance by escaping into fantasy, so as to find yourself in a trick world!

Let the adventure begin!

One day, the girlfriend Tracy and I spotted a man sitting with a cute mustache sitting on the entrance to the land of Trick Eye. We got so carried away and started molesting his mustache.

As a punishment to the crime we have committed.The man put us on his carriage and ordered his gang to bring us into his world of adventure.

Image credits: Tracy

He locked us up in the tiny house, placed Tracy into the tiny tea pot, under Alice's supervision.


I was made to cling on to paintings...

perform splits on chairs..

and even dance like a ballerina to entertain his guest!

So i tried to retaliate by kungfu fighting with the Shao Lin master, in an attempt to escape.

Only to later find myself trapped inside a crystal globe on the lotus pond near the Shao Lin Temple after my failed attempt.

I could only wish that I will suddenly grow wings... so I could fly out of this world of unknown.

Or maybe there were some kind souls out there we could bring me away?

Late at night...when I couldn't get to sleep...I wondered if my prince charming will come with the unicorns to save me.

He would rescue me from the globe and we could escape from the lotus pond...

But what if we were captured? How can we escape the clutches of the demon?

What if they hammer me to death?

Will i become a devil or an angel?

Will they force me to eat him up?

Image credits: Tracy

What if they force me to eat her up? ... Oh yes, speaking of which, where is she?

Image credits: Tracy

I remembered I last saw her when we sneaked into this scary room with skeleton head and a wax candle...she tried to write a "SOS" note while I held the candle for her....


Hey! I saw a cliff beside the lotus leaf and decided its better for me to go alone! Guess what? I managed to escape.


I found Tracy meditating in an abandoned house nearby and managed to help her afloat with my remaining strength. With her powers, we escaped to a nearby forest.


Together, we found another girl Jia Hui, who was trapped in a nearby bamboo forest and decided to help her out as well.


 On our attempt to escape, we were almost eaten by a giant snake!

Thankfully we were screaming so loud that the snake shattered to death upon hearing our terrifying screams. We then hop on to an elephant ....


Image credits: Tracy

We were so happy when we saw Mr Prince charming waiting to rescue us outside the cave where the elephant had left us!

~ The End ~

Do you like our story? You can create your version at the Trick Eye Museum!

Thank you Trick Eye Museum & The Influencer Network for extending this invite to us.

Book your tickets to the Trick Eye Museum now!

Trick Eye Museum is located at:

Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138

Be Confident, Be Yourself,


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