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I was having a great time in Melbourne although we only went for 2 main sight-seeings. With what we booked, we had +2 free sight-seeing trips and added a few places that we would like to visit during the trip. I will be slowly showing you around Melbourne in my blogpost.

This post will feature mainly the Great Ocean Road Trip which covers the 12 Apostles and Cape Otway Light station.

If you would like to know how we get there and where we stayed, you may refer to this blogpost.

Great Ocean Road Trip

The drive along the Great Ocean Road consist of a few stops which we got to do some photo-taking and sight-seeing. Though it was a long ride, it was very worth it.

12 Apostles

The Apostles are limestone rock stacks that rise up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's coastline.
Created by constant erosion if limestone cliffs of the mainland since some 10-20 million years ago, they are formed by fishbones, limestones and seashells accumulated overtime with sand and sea. 

They are located at the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. 

Cape Otway Lightstation
Find Cape Otway, a lighthouse located on the southern most point of the Great Ocean Road. Witness Victoria's most remotely located and Australia's oldest lighthouse. 

Cape Otway Lightstation is Australia's most important lighthouse. The Light established in 1848 is perched on towering sea cliffs 90 metres above where Bass Straight and Southern Ocean collide. 

Time to climb the narrow stairways and experience the view from the top.

Experience the thrill of stepping out onto the Lighthouse Balcony for awesome views, and hear the amazing history of tragic shipwrecks on this isolated and rugged coastline.

Find this wrecked ship located near the entrance of the Lighthouse. 

If you have a BBQ lunch included in your tour package, don't be too delighted yet. This is what you get!

Nevertheless,  it was an eye-opener for me and the views were breath-taking and it was a ride worth the effort and time traveled.


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