Gardens By The Bay - Lilytopia Floral Display 2016


Tourist alert! Where should we go this June?

*No flowers were harmed during the shot*

Turn on your radio and go Rock and Roll with me!

Jump in for a joyride back in time with Garden By The Bay first-ever retro-styled floral display - Lilytopia, which is the fourth in a series of music-themed floral displays at Gardens by the Bay in 2016.

Lilytopia is happening from 3 June 2016 ~ 10 Jul 2016 from 9am to 9pm daily @ the Flower Dome!

Get ready to rock and roll as we hit the rewind button and journey back to an era of psychedelic music and Flower Power.

Groove to old school favourites in this retro revival featuring a stunning display of lilies alongside pop icons like the hippie van and guitar. Let the good times roll!

Embark on a musical odyssey around the world and celebrate the harmony of nature this year as the Gardens' floral displays come to life with the energetic beats of Taiko drums, the retro tunes of the jukebox, or the pulsating rhythm of tribal dance.

You are encouraged to take beautiful pictures of yourself with the retro Vespa Scooter! Hey we are coincidentally dressed in the same colour! :)

Check out these informative vinyl records among the floral display, as you feast your eyes on these beautiful Lily and groove along to the soothing retro songs like "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beatles.

Do you know the word "Retro" means backwards or in past times? It is used to describe something contemporary with stylistic elements from the recent past. Fashion, art, music, television, video games and architecture are just some areas where retro style is exhibited.

In this case, there is a retro bicycle at the back, can you spot it?

Lily in Pink! They are my favourite colour. I used to think that Lily only comes in white until this!

These clusters of Lily looks interesting too. They have such interesting combination of colour and looks like fabric material from a distance.

That's an interesting way to camouflage a vehicle! But I found you anyways!

Water Lily, Calla Lily and Lily of the Valley are not true lilies. They belong to other group of flowering plants.

Look! We found the Siberia! These are Oriental hybrids! They are not easy to grow. They have medium to large-sized, scented flowers that bloom in late summer. Their petals are usually white but may also be pink, purplish-red or yellow. They could have a central ray and spots.

Lovely Lilies! Can I just bring all of you home with me?

Some Species of lilies are poisonous to cats! Pollen which gets on their fur may also cause harm when they accidentally consume them while licking themselves clean.

Some other interesting flowers and cactus around the Flower Dom! You can see them other than the Lilies. Don't miss out on them.

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Ticket Prices:

Promotion valid till 30 June 2016 > 

Grab the Father's day and family promotional bundle (2 adults and 2 child) to 2 conservatories and pay only $50 per package. (U.P $64). Terms & Condition applies.

Local Residents: 

$20 per adult to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest | $12 for either of the conservatories
$15 per Senior Citizen
to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest | $8 for either of the conservatories
$12 per child to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
| $8 for either of the conservatories

 Non-Local Residents: 
$28 per adult to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
$15 per child to Flower Dome & Cloud Forest

Click here to purchase your tickets!

Happening 25 June 2016

Join the biggest retro themed party in town hosted by Mediacorp DJ, Jean Danker!

Catch a special edition of Garden Rhapsody with dancers performing live at the Supertree Grove. Groove the night away with the hottest tunes from the 60's to the 80's and catch amazing performances with pyrotechnics on the OCBC Skyway!

What's more, submit a video of your best dance moves or come dressed in your best retro outfit to the party to stand a chance to win attractive prizes! More details can be found here.

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Disclaimer: This article is possible because of an invitation to visit Lilytopia by Gardens By The Bay. No monetary rewards were received for this article and all photographs belongs to pearlywerkz unless otherwise stated.

Be You.

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