June 2016 Updates


Oh my gosh, I can't believe today is officially the last day of June? Feels like it just started only. This month is a month of many new experiences for me! I went for 2 horse events, one at the beginning of the month and the other was recently, on the same day I celebrated my birthday. Did you catch those blog post and photographs which I've posted? You can read about the QEII Cup here and the post on the Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow here.

Birthday celebration was a simple meal and movie date with my loved one. He sprung me a surprise birthday cake and *desperately needed present* at 12 midnight when we were watching toggle now. *Blissful* I can't express how thankful I am. I love you loads.. if you are reading this blogpost.

I did some catch up with the blogging clique at iSteamboat Singapore too. It seems like a long time but food never fail to bond people together. Looking forward to my next food tasting session happening sometime in July, look forward to the post.

Photo credits: Ryden

I had tons of fun at thLilytopia Floral Displays where we took loads of amazing photographs. I am looking forward to the next event at Gardens By The Bay already! I love looking at those beautiful flowers. Love this shot of me. Nice right? Anyone needs a clothes/bag/shoe model, can find me yah... 

Gotta run for my facial appointment followed by date with girlfriends and another event tonight, so till we meet again, I'll be back with updates for you. Meanwhile, take Care.

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