Good Bye 2016


Good Bye 2016…

The footsteps of Christmas is gone and soon after, Chinese New Year will follow. What you have accomplished this year, would soon become history. We all know that life ahead will only get tougher and not any easier. Being a business owner myself, I do witness the number of appointments declining towards the end of the year and competition becoming stiffer and business gets harder than before.

Some months ago, I tried to return to the workforce. I did find myself struggling, because I have not been employed for a few years by now. I was willing to try, to change my expectation and look at jobs that I had previously said no done before. I was also willing to take on lower positions and accept a pay cut. But, it all didn’t quite work out for me. Some interviews turned out to be a total mockery as employers scrutinize me and told me what I was worth was much lesser than what I actually think I am worth.

In the current workforce, it is no longer you, whom is calling the shots, but employers are choosing you instead. You are judged from head to toe, from the way you dress yourself, to the way you talk, to the qualifications you own, to your family members and your job experience. Every small detail now matters.

Time and again it makes me wonder, why are we constantly asked to find an iron rice bowl, to look for good jobs, to get a good qualification so that in future we can have a good life. Does being employed really ensure your stability in life? Rather than to be employment creators ourselves?

Why aren’t children taught entrepreneurship from young and encouraged to do well in school so that in future they can help the economy by having their own start-ups, and being able to do what they love rather than forced to be in a trade because of the income it brings? Teach children to dare the risk and venture out of their comfort zones.

Why do we allow employers to constantly judge us, and determine how much we are worth? Who are they do determine our value? Who are they to determine what we are capable of doing? Just because they are our pay masters? So we should be their slave? So we can be made redundant as and when they feel that we are no longer required? Make your absence felt people, not your presence.

(1) I don’t know what 2017 holds for me and if I can be re-employed again. I am prepared to stay like this forever, and take on short-term stints if need be. At the least, I am still earning a small amount of money from my business, which allows me to pay off my monthly debts. If there’s any reason I’m returning back to work for others, it is such that my income is more stable, and I get to contribute my part and let my family’s life be a little better and easier than now.

That is only work. So, What about life? What about relationships? Your parents will not be with you forever. Same goes to your partner, your family, your friends and even your children. One day, they will all leave you. Spend time to love and care for them. Drop your mobile phones, take beautiful photographs, go traveling. Communicate more with your loved ones. Learn to listen, not with the intend to reply but to understand.

(2) Next year, I hope to spend more time with my friends and family. To travel to new places and to be a better communicator.

Nothing last forever. Start thinking about your health if you haven’t. Start taking supplements, go for health check-ups and exercise regularly. Keep yourself alive by keeping your brains active.

(3) I have started to engage myself with runs, so that I can start keeping myself active. I will be going for the Safari Zoo Run. Have you signed up yet? This is somewhere you can start. Aligning with my 2nd resolution, I will be spending time during and after the run with my friends and family, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Lastly, I would like to express my huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who supported me and my blog this year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity in each and every way possible. Giving me ample advise and supporting me when I was depressed. Thank you for tolerating me even during my blog migration, my down times and times of uncertainty . This year I have made several breakthroughs in my blogging history, doing things I’ve never done before, taking photographs with celebrities, gaining new ambassadorships, new sponsorship and forging new relationships, giving myself the courage and confidence which I never thought I had all these while. I am proud to be different and I will stand out of my comfort zone to get what is out there waiting for me. I hope you will continue to support me. Next year I really hope I will be able to do more and make myself more prominent in the blogging industry.

(4) I hope to be available to more brands and PRs, to receive more opportunities next year and engage with my readers more. Don’t feel shy, do leave me a message or email if you wish to collaborate or to feedback on what you had been reading on my blog. I have started talking to people and engaging myself with different projects so do approach me if you have something planned for us.

You can contact me at , drop me a PM on facebook and find me on instagram too.

Till then, i hope I will be a better person next year and to be able to hold up to your expectations.
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