Kay's Instant Fusilli - 4 Flavors available in the market


Kay's Singapore recently released 4 new Instant Fusilli flavors. If you are a fan of quick, instant food and insist on having a healthy meal. Here's your quick solution.

If you are curious about what other instant food they are offering, read about the previous Instant Macaroni which Kay's Singapore had released, take a peek here.

Instant Macaroni In Chicken and Vegetable Flavor **New Packaging**

This time Kays Singapore released 4 new Instant Fusilli Macaroni. I had the privilege to try out 4 out of the 5 flavors. Namely;

1. Black Pepper
2. Soy Chicken
3. Spicy Chicken
4. Creamy Chicken
5. Hot and Spicy (MaLa) is currently unavailable

I love their bright and vibrant packaging. You can use up 1 whole packet in one serving or share with someone if you are a small eater. There is no need to worry about storage and having to measure how much to cook. Great for newbie cooks and for quick, fuss free, yet healthy meals.

To cook,
1. Add water to pot and bring water to boil,
2. add in your fusilli and boil for 3 minutes
3. throw in your favourite ingredients. Drain off and add flavouring for dry version.
Add in flavouring to soup for wet version.

For detailed instructions, follow the instructions on the back of your fusilli package.

Black Pepper

For the Black Pepper Instant Fusilli, they have recommended a dry version so you can simply cook the Fusilli and stir in the flavoring later on. As the family is a fan of spicy food and pork, I have added pork slices, chopped chili and spring onion for taste and colour.

The Black Pepper seasoning is a tad sweet for our liking but we enjoy the light peppery fragrance and mild peppery taste. Non-spicy food lovers can still try out this.

Soy Chicken

For the Soy Chicken Fusilli which is also a dry version, I've added some vegetables, some crab meat stick and pork slices. This is suitable for those eaters who have zero tolerance for spiciness but prefer something towards the sweeter side of life.

Spicy Chicken

For the Spicy Chicken, dry version, I've added some vegetables, some pork slices and chopped chili. This is suitable for those eaters who love spiciness and enjoys every kick out of it. Guess what? This is the family's favourite. We highly recommend you get this if you love nothing but spicy food.

Creamy Chicken

For the Creamy Chicken, I've added some vegetables, some pork slices and crab meat stick. This is suitable for those eaters who love flavoured food. We decided to try to make it more soupy since everything else was dry.

This version would be great for young children or people with not much appetite for food as it is flavourful and tasty on its own.

*Please note that additional ingredients are not included. The merlion macaroni are also not included in the pack. All servings are "sampled size" share amongst my family so they are for illustration purpose and not based on a full packet of fusilli.*

All these Instant Fusilli are:
1. Halal Certified and produced in Singapore,
2. Contains no MSG and Preservatives,
3. Ready in just 3 minutes

These Instant Fusilli takes only 3 minutes to cook and you can add your preferred ingredients in them. It takes absolutely no skills to cook them and anyone who can cook instant noodles, can surely pull these off.

As the individual packets contains its seasoning, you need not add your own. You can also adjust the flavorings according to your taste preference.

Currently they are sold by 3x 80g per pack, per flavor at $4.50. You can purchase them online, or purchase them from Sheng Siong Super Markets, Prime Supermarkets and My Outlets Global Halal Hub. They are available at selected outlets and not all flavours may be available so just drop by to have a look at your nearest outlets.

For more details and information, do check out Kay’s Facebook Page.
Do visit their website for more information about their products too.

Thank you Kay’s for our continual collaboration. Thank you for sending me this pack of Kay’s Macaroni in assorted flavors for my review. It's heartening to know that people whom you've worked with before appreciates your effort and returns to work with you again. This review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

This article was first published at pearlywerkz.wordpress.com. It was written by the same author.

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