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Last week I finally had the chance to head over to J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon to get my hair done. I was feeling very excited and nerve wrecking before I head over, as I have been reading about all the adverse results which resulted from the bleaching and dying of hair.

While part of me wanted a change in my hair colour, I did not want to spoil my hair roots and scalp. I was also against the idea of chemical bleaching, because I read that it will burn your scalp and cause problems later even though the colour payoff would be much better. I suppose I am not ready for a full hair bleach yet as my hair is still quite dark and I had healthy hair roots.


J&J Hair Identity Organic Hair Salon is located at Katong Square #02-11, Singapore 423371

The exterior of J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon looked very clean, they had an open concept salon, very spacious and well lit. At one glance, you could tell that they are very organized.

After settling myself down, I was offered some warm water and light snacks and my hair stylist asked about my hair colour preference.


Choosing my desired hair colour from 84 colours!

I had 2 colours in mind, either go red, go purple or blend both. But I had one condition, I told him I wanted the colours obvious but I didn't want to bleach my hair. 4 tones of red/purple hues was then recommended and I finally settled for the red tone. I had previously tried magenta red balayage when I did my hair at another hair salon and my colours have faded off by now so I know I needed something darker in order to see a difference.

It is not easy to settle down for the 1 perfect colour because Natulique carries up to 84 colours which are certified organic and made from natural ingredients. You can find out more about their natural hair colours here.

Natulique Professional Hair Colours
are made from natural ingredients that provide a more gentle hair colour and extra conditioning. Their unique and exclusive formula comes with pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil, which enables them to create a pleasant experience for their consumers as these these hair colour comes with less chemicals and better functionality. They are most suitable for demanding customers like me.

The Natulique Professional Hair Colors are :

100% Ammonia-Free
100% Lauryl Sulfate Free
100% Parabens Free
100% Grey Hair Coverage
98.02% derived from natural sources

Pleasant Mild Odour

With Natural Ingredients

J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon is also using Natulique Professional Hair care products for their hair services so be sure to check them out when you are there.


Hair Dying process

My hair was "painted" with my desired organic hair dye twice to the roots, let dry and washed off . There was no use of any machines to speed up the drying process unlike most korean hair salons although it didn't really mattered much to me. Notice the little "shower cap" behind my ears. They are there to help keep my ear away from the hair dye.

During this process, my hair stylist would constantly check if I was doing okay, and if my scalp was hurting. I felt nothing at all. No burning sensation, no itch, no prickly feeling. I knew I was in good hands and the product used on me was as mentioned, organic.


Final styling process

I thought my hair dying process would end at my hair stylist blowing dry my hair but he added a sweet touch. It came in handy as I had a business meeting to attend to, immediately after the session.

He gave my hair a temporary perm and I loved the final look so much. I love how the colour on my hair now though my hair felt a little harsh as there was no hair treatment done after the dying process.

Hair comparison

This is my hair before my hair dying experience with Natulique Organic Hair Dye. You can still see some streaks of red from my previous hair highlight, but the colours were fading off. I had to sleep on a towel after the highlight experience because my hair colours were running off.

This is how my hair looked immediately after the dying and styling process. The colour pay off was quite good, the colour turned out obvious and it did not fade off or run off as compared to my previous highlight experience. This is quite amazing as I thought it was normal for that to happen after dying my hair.

My hair eventually got softer after I used a conditioner and hair mask during my first few washes.

This is my hair taken just a few days ago before I attended an event. The colour is still bright and obvious and no fading or colour run at all. I am absolutely in love with my new hair colour.

For appointments, please contact J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon at 6344-2388.
For more information on J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon: www.hair-identity.sg/home
& Facebook page www.facebook.com/hair.identity.jj/

For more information on Natulique products: www.natulique.com
To read more blogger's reviews on Samplestore.com: www.samplestore.com/j-j-hair-identity.html


Thank you Samplestore, Natulique Organic Hair Dye and J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon for this hair dying experience. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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