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Few weeks ago I received an email to try out Oliva forte. Apparently the team read about my story and felt that I could give their natural health supplement a go! If you haven't already read about my eczema story, go click on the link and read about my personal battle with this incurable skin issue which I had battled with, for years .

OLIVA forte is a unique, natural health supplement containing HIDROX® which is a standardised freeze dried blend of organic olive juice which is claimed to be suitable for eczema, dry and itchy skin. The patented Olea europaea extract contained in the OLIVA forte™ product are absorbed through the gastrointestinal system and into the blood stream where they help fight the toxic free radicals found in the human body.

There is no gimmick in the product, only the use of organic olive juice. So, this is the first time I read that olive juice will help in my eczema condition. But they say you never try, you never know. So why not? No harm trying since it is just olive juice. There are 2 main products under Oliva Forte:

1. Essence - Pure organic olive juice

 (For Health) - multi-action biophenol supplement featuring anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-bacterial and anti-UV damage properties. Enhancer to other consumed supplements depending on an individual's lifestyle needs;

2. Enchant - with Alpha Lipoic Acid
 (For Skin) - to look and feel younger with admirable radiant, flawless skin.


As I was battling with eczema, I was offered Enchant to try. I took 1 capsule a day before I go to bed and sometimes in the morning after my breakfast. Before this, i was already taking my regular supplies of multi-vitamins and omega fish oil, which I've read will improve my skin and strengthen my lungs.

Recommended Usage Directions:

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules daily.
For those taking for skin condition, the recommended dosage is 2 to 4 capsules daily.

To truly test the efficiency of the Enchant capsules, I did the following:

Week 1 - Week 3: Stopped all current supplements and took only enchant capsules at 1 capsules per day, either after breakfast or before bedtime.I even sacrificed my intake of collagen because I was afraid that it might affect the results of this test.

Week 4 - 5: Re-integrated my other supplements back into my routine, continued with 1 capsules per day after breakfast.

Of course I cannot solely rely on these supplements. I maintained my regular water intake, skincare regime, regular dose of fruits and vegetables as well.


Thou the results of my trial was not as astonishing as i expected it to be, as I had really high expectations of the product after reading raving reviews from users. There were 3 parts of my body that had obvious eczema spots at the time when I took Oliva Forte supplements. Only 1 part had visible improvements, the rest was improving but at a much slower pace.

I also had faced some diarrhea issues during the 1st week when I was suddenly put on the Olive Forte Supplements. I wasn't entirely sure if  it was due to the erratic weather, was it my weak tummy or suddenly introducing a new supplement into my diet. Therefore, I took the pills only at night, and on those days when my tummy was feeling better. This resulted in an irregular consumption pattern in the beginning week.

By the time I typed this review (I am at my 1 month+ of consumption), I was back on my multi vitamins, my Omega fish oil as well as Oliva Forte taken with time intervals in between consumption of all the 3 supplements. I no longer had diarrhea issues and had switched to taking this in the Morning after my breakfast.

I noted visible improvements most drastically on my facial areas. My forehead was not peeling anymore, same goes to the eczema patch on my cheek, they disappeared. There were also no new dry spots appearing despite the erratic weather. The eczema patch on my forehead was less obvious and itched less even when i had to deal with dust and furs, now they are completely gone. However, this could also be due to change of  my personal skin care products as well as the change in my lifestyle habits.


Photo taken before consumption of Oliva Forte

Photo taken after consumption of Oliva Forte for about 5 weeks

At my arm bend fold area, my eczema patch was still as itchy as before. The supplement did not helped much. Some days i would scratch so bad until my fold bleed and scarred. I still had to apply a thin layer of my steroid cream for those areas to heal. Can see you the scar on my arm folds?

The patch is still quite visible and itchy. The Oliva Forte supplement did little to improve my existing condition on my ankle much.

I guess 1 month + of irregular consumption of Oliva Forte may not be sufficient to prove if this product really works for me, but overall I am still happy to witness minor improvements on my skin and great improvements on my face. I will continue to finish my supplements and hopefully yield better benefits with my regular intake.

What works for some, may not work for others. There is no harm in trying this supplement if you are keen to give it a go!

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Thank you Apex Pharma Marketing, Oliva Forte for reaching out after reading my eczema story and sending these products for my personal review. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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