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Hello health conscious friends! Recently I have been into weight loss as well as home workouts. I'm happy that ever since I've embarked on this health journey, I felt so much better, lighter and happier.

One issue however is that whenever I feel hungry I have to try to resist myself from the temptation of snacking. Until I discovered that I can actually munch on nuts as they are considered to be healthy snacks. My recent DNA test also tells me that I should be taking more nuts as they are a good source of fat, fiber and plant protein which are essential in my diet, however I do remember that moderation is key to everything. One good nuts supplier which I recently found, is Nuts and Snacks Singapore.

(Highly recommend this, there is another variant which is the Honey Dijon which is equally good and super addictive)

Nuts And Snacks is an active corporate nuts and snacks supplier for business, schools and government agencies which are great for gifting, events or even for your office pantry. They are able to customize according to your preference, budget and personalization with your own branding stickers. Simply contact them and indicate your request. You might want to perhaps consider them for your next staff welfare packs?

About  Nuts & Snacks Singapore

❀ Carefully selected nuts and snacks
❀ Oxygen absorbers are added to prevent food degradation in package
❀ Every packet is filled with love, fat, fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant
❀ Delivery within 5 days with customer support team on standby to serve you
❀ Affordably priced, 10% off for 500g sized packet, 20% off for 1kg & above

Choose from a wide selection which are available and get discounts for your orders.

Variety of food available at Nuts  & Snacks Singapore

(Different blends are available, such as brain booster mix, chocolate nut mix, balanced daily mix)
Nuts (Almonds, Cashew, black beans etc)
Snacks (Honey Dijon snippets, seaweed coated peanuts, kachang puteh mix)
Dried Fruits (Berry Zest, Blackcurrant chia seed snack, green raisins)
Single-serve (Tear and pour single packs in resealable zipper packaging)
Gift Box (5-10 types of nuts and snacks, Customized with gift wrap)
Corporate (For office snacks, corporate gifting and events)

 I love these nut mixes because I appreciate variety and they can be used to top my yoghurt, ice-cream and overnight oats! Feel free to mix them with your breakfast cereals to add more crunch too!  They are also perfect for starters who may be unsure of what to order. Maybe except for the Kachang Puteh mix which are better on their own.

Great to offer these snacks to guest and family members during gatherings. Of course at the moment we have to keep it small, otherwise, I'll enjoy them on your behalf for now. :)

More about Nuts & Snacks Singapore apart from their competitors:
❀ Free delivery for orders above $80 or $5 per location applies
❀ +$5.99 for specific timing delivery
❀ Corporate/Bulk order discounts available

Overall Experience with Nuts & Snacks Singapore :

❀ Individual air-tight packaging
❀ Prompt delivery, well packed
❀ Good variety of nuts and snacks
❀ Good quality, fresh nuts and snacks with not too many crumbs
❀ Yummy nuts and snacks at relatively affordable prices 
❀ Great for parties and festive occasions too

(First time seeing this, peanut butter pretzels & blackcurrant chia seed snack. Interesting snacks, for those who appreciates novelty.)

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