My Scheming Mask - Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Review


This week, i put Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask to the test! These few weeks i see myself more busy blogging than working haha. Lots of activities here in the blog. Suddenly it became more active and vibrant. Bloggers are really busy people. If you are one, you'll probably know why. ;)
I think i might have come to the point to be like a "A mask, A day" kind of blogger already.
Seriously i never expected it to come this way.

Anyway still, a huge thank you to My Scheming mask for all their wonderful mask thus far. I will have more to review and reveal! So do keep coming back for more reviews. I am always happy to receive products for review.  And i definitely welcome your sponsorship for some giveaways for my fans and readers!

See their boxes and packaging inside? Its always the same, so sweet and so attractive! That's why we always go gaga over pretty things! :)

Like all their mask that needs no further introduction, there are 10 pieces of mask for this range.

The back of the mask with the ingredients, description and how to use them.

This is how they fold their mask. Which causes the mask to be a little crumpled when put on my face. Its really tough to straighten them ya know. That is why in the following photo you see my "not so smiley" face. Haha.

So verdict again!
This mask is really good if you have pimples. I see my pimples subsiding, not as big and red after using it. It highly reduces redness of the skin. This Aloe Vera does not gives the sticky feeling and the serum does not dries up that quickly. It was still quite wet when i took it off. Also it has a really really nice refreshing scent. I love Aloe Vera mask as they are so good for the skin. It really seems to suck out all the oil on my face and helps a lot in the pimples. It was nice to use after all. So far all My Scheming Mask had been working well for me.  That's all for now. Do share your thoughts! :)

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