Product Review: 4D+ Augmented Reality Dinosaur 4D Flash Card and Octagon VR Luna


Many of us are familiar with the world of 4D, also known as the world of 4 dimensions. We watch movies in the IMAX theaters and catch dinosaurs come to life on an IMAX screen, being almost able to feel, hear and touch them. So how familiar are you with Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is defined as a live direct or indirect view of the physical, real-world environment. This is supplemented by the use of sound, video or graphics. It enhances one's perception of reality and makes the information interactive and digitally manipulable.

With the help of Augmented Reality, children can now enhance their learning through interactions with the 4D Augmented Reality Flash Cards made by Octagon Studios, making use of their sense of sight and hearing.

The Dinosaur 4D+ is a prehistoric experience that unleashes the extinct Dinosaurs. You are required to download the App and pair it with the Dinosaurs 4d+ Flashcards to watch the 3D Dinosaurs come alive on your flashcards.

Each set comes with 20 Augmented Reality Cards and 1 instruction code. This set of flash cards retails at $12 SGD and is available on the DIY Flashcard Website. While the Dinosaur 4D+ App is available for download in both the google play store and apple app store.

After downloading the app, all you have to do is place the flash card facing the camera.

You are able to zoom in and out of each 3D Dinosaur and view their details in a 360 degree view by simply moving your device. Look at how my 3-4 tons heavy, Parasarolophus comes to life! Luckily it is a herbivore, so I guess it won't be interested in me?

Tap on the Pentaceratop, for some fun facts and actions. Watch it in action, as it roars.

You may also enrich your knowledge by entering into the 3D Library and read all about the various Dinosaur's history, features and facts. Spot their origins from all over the globe. This is great as you will not be carrying the flashcards everywhere you go.

Compare them with the human body size for an estimation of their actual size. See them in action from the library and share your new found knowledge with your friends.

You can place 2 or more cards side by side and see them come to life together.

Go ahead and snap the wildest moment of your interaction using either the front of back camera and share the fun with family and friends. Here I have the Tyranosaurus Rex with me.

Pair this with the Octagon VR Luna headset, which is a virtual reality wearable headset. The Octagon VR Luna headset is a handcrafted lightweight device which allows user to experience the world of virtual reality, engaging with Octagon 360 and other VR applications.

Image Credits: DIY Flashcard and Edutoys

I tried pairing it with the Dinosaur 4D Flashcards and see myself enter into a virtual 360 tour that takes me way back into the ancient times and see the Pterosaurs flying above my head.

With the view of the amazing lush greenery and "surround" sound. It was as if I was back in the prehistoric age with the Pterosaurs. Unfortunately this is the only view available from the VR mode. Though fascinating, I somehow wished there could be more views and dinosaurs (perhaps the adults tends to ask for more). This is however, sufficient to entertain the young children.

The device which offers a 100 degree field of view, is easy to put on and adjustable. It is also easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

The foam pads are washable and adjustable to fit into the user's comfort and the lens are 28mm, safe for users to explore the virtual reality.

The Octagon VR Luna headset is compatible for 4 to 6 inched sized screen of most smartphones. I have used my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for trial and it fits nicely. The Octagon VR Luna headset retails at $21 SGD.

You can choose to pair it up with the Animal 4D Flashcards and Space 4D Flashcards to get a full immersive VR experience. For a list of recommended VR app, visit
The VR Luna headset is also compatible with most online VR apps that are available in the market so you are not restricted to those provided by Octagon Studios.

Do check out the DIY Flashcards and Edutoys facebook, DIY Flashcards and Edutoys website,   Octagon Studios Facebook account  and Octagon Studios Website for their latest promotion and news.

Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

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