Replenish my lost Collagen with Brands Innershine Ruby Collagen Essence


Hey Ladies, do you know whats a better way to keep myself youthful? By increasing my collagen intake? I am thankful for this box of Brands Innershine Ruby Collagen Essence that came right in time.

Collagen like these are also easy to drink and suitable for almost everyone. They are generally tasty and comes in convenient bottles which you can carry around.

This product suits people aged between 30 to 45 with skin aging concerns by combating the signs of aging and minimizing collagen loss. Suitable for people like me. I am a great fan of collagen drinks, I guess my friends knows that.

BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence is a collagen-rich supplement that helps to rejuvenate skin from within. Experience breakthrough skin rejuvenating power in a bottle in six to twelve weeks*.

The RubySignature™ formula contains a unique blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains:

1) 3000mg- Micro-collagen which replenishes collagen to retain skin suppleness, derived from fresh water fish and
2) 2mg- Astaxanthin (micro-algae extract), one of the most powerful antioxidant, to keep your skin firm. This is 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C, 800x more powerful than CoQ10+ and 500x more powerful than Vitamin E.

It does not contain any artificial colourings, preservative and sugar.

It is recommended that you take 2 bottles of these daily for maximum benefits. Best taken chilled. However for cost-saving purposes, I usually take 1 bottle before bedtime.

12x 50ml retails at $62.90- Check online for on-going promotion.

I love the lightly sweet taste of the RubyCollagen Essence and it keeps my skin supple even though I have been skipping my skincare routine. If you have a sensitive skin or is allergic to most skincare products, why not give this product a shot?

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