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Now that you acknowledge that you, or someone you know, is suffering from Eczema from reading my article the types of eczema and how to identify if you are suffering from it. I want you to know that you are not fighting this alone. There are plenty of resources available online for you to read about and countless of methods to try on. Your family members and loved ones are always with you.

Unfortunately, what works for one, may not work for everyone. While some sufferer's condition may be mild, others may experience more sever condition which can make them feel very depressing.

Doing something to help, is still better than doing nothing at all, and giving up any fighting chance. Everyone knows I am a fighter, not a quitter. That aside, I really wish that I can utilize my blog to reach out to more people like you and I, who are eczema suffers or who knows someone whom is suffering from it. The support is so important.

With this, i would love to share with fellow eczema sufferers some tips which i found useful during my personal journey fighting eczema.

1. As our skin tends to get dry and crack easily, increase your water intake. Take at least 8 glasses of water and hydrate yourself internally. Water acts as a detoxing agent, doing you more good than harm. While it can be difficult to achieve this, try to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet. You can also take fruit juice or fruit infused water, to help you increase your hydration levels. Some people recommend drinking alkaline water, ionized water, diamond water and so on. I have not had a chance to try it but will definitely share more with you if I do get a chance.

Do avoid taking soda, sugary and artificially coloured drinks as those are really bad for the skin.

2. Avoid taking hot and long showers. While hot water offers you temporary relief, it can scald your skin, cause dryness, draws out moisture and essential oils from your skin. If possible, I would rather you take cold showers or at least shower with room temperature water. Hot water also cause skin dryness which is not beneficial to your skin. After shower, gently pat dry your skin. Some people also recommend taking dead sea salt, Epsom , Himalayan salt or essential oil baths. I have also heard of oatmeal products working great on skin. You can give them a try.

Avoid getting your hair shampoo on your face and body especially if you have eczema on your face areas. The chemicals from the shampoo may cause your body and skin to get sensitive.

3. Moisturise frequently. The best time to do it is immediately after a shower while you are still feeling all fresh and clean. This is also because your pores are opened, your skin absorbs the best at this time. It is also good to moisturise your skin before bed time as your skin repairs itself while you are asleep.

4. Avoid fragrance and alcoholic based products as these may irritate your skin.

5. Use the right skincare products, those without alcohol, fragrance, parabens and with minimal ingredients works best for you. Do avoid switching products often.
Use natural products so that you can minimize irritants. Try essential oils, or carrier oils (such as olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, almond oil etc).

Always perform a patch test when trying on new products and ensure that they are suitable for your skin before applying on eczema areas. Yes, even if the product label says its natural or free from artificial ingredients.

6. Avoid layering on excessive make-up if the eczema is on your face as this gives your pores a lesser chance to breathe and you may irritate your skin further during the removal process. Ensure you remove your make-up thoroughly to keep your pores clean.

7. Keep your fingernails clean and short. Since you will be prone to scratching, resist it if you can as bacteria within your nails can interact with your eczema skin and will worsen your skin condition. 


8. Stay away from food allergens. If you can afford the time, money and energy, go for a food allergen test and find out what you are allergic to. Be warned as it is a very time consuming and draining exercise. But if you know what type of food you are allergic to, it will help you minimize chances of your skin flaring. The more commonly heard allergens are peanut, dairy products such as cheese, milk and eggs as well as seafood. Eat well and eat healthy.

9. Keep yourself cool at all times. By keeping cool, I mean avoiding strong sunlight and activities that will cause you to perspire too much. Perspiration keeps your skin itchy and may aggravate your eczema flares. Wear loose, cotton clothing that are comfortable and does not stick to your skin.  Although the temptation to cover up your eczema areas is high, let those area "air" where and when possible. Keep your cool too! Literally meaning it as eczema sufferer tends to get agitated and frustrated with their condition as there's little we could do for our condition.

10. Avoid using strong washing detergents or laundry detergents on the clothes as they come close in contact with your skin. Washing laundry in warm water and sunning them is great for killing germs and getting the sun kissed smell after.

I hope these tips works for you. Do comment below and share with me what are some of your tips and personal experience after trying these tips.

Words expressed in this article are based on research and some on personal experience. All photographs on this article belongs to Pexels.com. This is a non-sponsored post. However, if you wish to join me in my #letsfighteczema journey, you may drop me an email at pearlywerkz@outlook.com. I welcome comments, suggestions, sharing or sponsorship of products suitable for eczema sufferers.

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