I started writing this humble blog in 2011, where anyone who writes a blog was known as a "Blogger." As a newbie blogger, not attached to any agencies or having any strong media background, I was privileged enough to slowly comb my way into the media scene, and I count my blessings each day to be provided with ample of opportunities to work with various brands, companies and Public Relations companies to promote their/their client's product and services.

Being a Blogger is getting harder these days because there is a strong pool of talents out there. Each of them is getting younger and prettier. They are also getting more skilled in taking photographs and with their product flat lays therefore, I strongly believe that one should never rest on your laurels. Copycats are out there, but nothing beats being original.

What makes me different from the rest of the Bloggers and why should you engage me?

1) Take a look at my recent blog articles and you'll see why companies engage me to review their product and services.

2) Mid-tiered Influencers are getting the most engagements out of their social media .

I noted that some companies need to justify their advertising budget with social media numbers, hence I have compiled some numbers for your reference. I would like to take this chance to let PR/companies know that numbers does not equate to everything, quality of work and level of real user engagement should be the most important.

Pearlywerkz's Social media accounts:

Facebook Blogpage: www.facebook.com/pearlywerkz (1.1k++ fans )
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pearlywerkz (5.1k++followers)
Blog: www.pearlywerkz.blogspot.com 15k++ view/month (569K++ total views to date)

3) I believe in the healthy and positive brand image which I had invested in myself over the years. People may copy your content, your style and fashion sense but they can never be you, because they are not you. Hence I believe in being myself and owning my personal style. This is clear and consistently displayed across all my social media channels.

4) Many companies from all walks of life, have engaged me for their promotions, advertorials and reviews in the recent years. These are true testimonials of my branding and marketing efforts. Other than my blog, I strongly welcome collaborations via Facebook & Instagram too.

Some recent brand collaborations includes :

Hair/Beauty Review:

J&J Hair Identity Organic Salon - Featuring Natulique Organic Hair Dye Products

I have stepped out of my boundary this year by trying out hair dying services. Never wanted to change it because I was afraid of damaging my hair but organic hair dye really makes a huge difference, as there was no colour run nor scalp burns at all. I am so amazed with Natulique Hair Dye.

Fresver Beauty - Eyebrow Embroidery Service Review

The company had a pleasant working experience with me, when they engaged me for their facial service back in 2017, and was pleased to invite me back to try their newly launched Eyebrow Embroidery Service.

Product Advertorial : 2B Alternative Into Arm and Body for Tummy and Arms

Following the success of our previous collaboration for 2B Alternative's skirt ready, the company was very happy with my work and proposed for a 2nd collaboration with their into Arm and Body. Both products worked brilliantly with minimal efforts, yielding great results.


Food Product Review

Working with Kay's Singapore with the launch of their new 3 min Instant Fusilli. I have worked with them for the launch of their 3 minute instant macaroni previously. Brands are coming back to collaborate as they trust my reviews and we work on a long-term basis rather than a one off collaboration.


Technology/Gadget Review

Working with Sudio Sweden for the 2nd time to promote their Sudio Tre . I have worked with them previously to promote their Vasa Bla too. Product shots are specially curated for your products and branding, and not just any other point and shoot affair.


In 2016 - 2017, I was approached by Zalora to become their freelance writer at Zcoop. Zcoop is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content site where trend-conscious, tech-savvy writers come together to share their insights and discuss trends.

I became one of the Asus Mobile Singapore Ambassador, and assisted to promote their Asus Zenfone 3 series of phones along with the other social media Influencers.

In 2015 -2016, I was Bejeweled Brand Envoy for their facial, eye lash perming, and nails services.

In 2016, I was also Expression's Blogger Ambassador for their Slimming and Wellness services.

I have been collaborating with SampleStore since 2012, as Sample Store Beauty Editor and is recently featured on their Samplestore Connect and Scoops by SS Ambassador.

These are just some of my accolades in the recent years. You can check out my blog for detailed reviews which I have done for my clients.

If you are interested to find out more, feedback or collaborate with me, do drop me a line at pearlywerkz@outlook.com.


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Thanks for reading and I look forward to our upcoming collaboration.

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