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I am not sure when Singaporeans started to join in the craze of steamboat eating other than during the Chinese New Year festive season. However, everyone seems to love having steamboat as it is considered as relatively easy to prepare as you don't need to be a great chef to prepare steamboat. 

It is also a great way to bond with your family and friends during the steamboat session. While we love eating them, many of us don't really enjoy going around shopping for the ingredients which are required, and what's worse, we tend to overbuy food causing wastage when we are unable to finish them.

Recently, I got to know about Steamboat Delivery Singapore. They have solved our problems by providing a hassle-free steamboat experience, with everything necessary for a steamboat session delivered to us.

About Steamboat Delivery Singapore

❀ Offers you a hassle-free steamboat experience
❀ Gives you an option of adding on portable or reusable stove and pots for your steamboat anywhere (You don't even need an electric source)
❀ Provides you with a variety of soup broths (Premium Collagen, Kimchi, Sichuan Mala, Pork Tonkotsu, Tomato) simmered for at least 8 hours
❀ No mess to clean up after eating
❀ Ensure only freshest ingredients, packed & sealed individually
❀ Special and fresh dipping sauces included

Featured below are some of the food items which we had received from their super value set meal ($99)

Assorted meat, sliced fish, chicken, tofu & pork slices

Vegetables and mushroom

We topped up for this additional Hokkaido snow pork collar meat, which were sealed nicely with a cling wrap.

Our collagen pork broth and tomato soup broth were packed nicely, with very thoughtful packaging and they gave lovely flavours for our steamboat.

Goji berries, red dates & variety of dips and sauces (The sambal chili & Thai chili is really good)

Drinks & Cut fruits (Even the fruit is already nicely sliced for you)

Variety of food/equipment available at Steamboat Delivery Singapore

❀ Steamboat Bundles are available from Super Values to Premium depending on the number of diners (Up to 10 diners)
❀ A selection of soup base, meat, seafood, handmade balls, vegetable and assorted platters can be added to your bundle selection
❀ Drinks & desserts (cut fruits)
❀ Portable accessories

More about Steamboat Delivery Singapore apart from their competitors:
❀ 30 years of culinary experience
❀ They use only the freshest seafood and premium meat cuts
❀ They offer 100% replacement for any ingredients that are not fresh
❀ Free delivery island wide when you order $100 and above , +$7.90 for all other amounts
❀ Delivery can be made within 90 minutes
❀ Opening Hours : 10.45am - 9.45pm (Mon - Thurs) , 10.45am - 10.45pm (Fri - Sun)

Check out my order for the family:

As there were 3 of us, the most value for money bundle was the Super Value Set Meal which provided us with the option of having 2 different broths. For that, we have selected the Premium Collagen Soup & Tomato Soup. Other than vegetables and meat, the set also comes with fish paste, my favourite beancurd rolls, rice and noodles. There were also options for drinks and fruits selection with an opportunity to add on the Hokkaido Snow Pork Shabu at $4.90. We have chosen to add on the pork collar.

Just as we were fretting about how to eat the steamboat without a hotpot stove, we were very pleased to know that the option of adding on a hotpot is available for us FREE (without the need to return) so long as we order any of their Steamboat bundles! Problem solved!

Overall Experience with Steamboat Delivery Singapore

Delivery was very prompt and items were delivered in cooler bags to maintain freshness. Even our rice was hot! We enjoyed both broths and were surprised that they even gave us goji berries and red dates to add to our premium collagen broth.

From the mains to vegetables, meat, to drinks and fruits, sauce dips and even the hotpot stove, everything was well covered. The only issue we had was that the jelly for the stove was highly flammable and that it burns off too quickly, so we were in a hurry to finish up our steamboat in order not to leave our food uncooked. The pork slices in the original platter provided was also a little too thick and chunky and we had slight difficulty chewing them off.

Other than that, the amount of food was enough for 3 persons, they all looked fresh, presentable and were delicious. We enjoyed our meal very much and had little wash up to do after the meal.

I was introduced to Steamboat Delivery Singapore by Best in Singapore. They have listed them as one of their best steamboat delivery in Singapore. Thank you for your great recommendation as always.
Best in Singapore, is a website that consolidates all the best finds in Singapore. From dinning places to lifestyle activities, to facial salons and online food delivery, they've got you well covered.

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